Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings


  • I found out over the weekend that my work team won IPads from a company sponsored raffle related to a project that we completed earlier this year.  Nifty!
  • Have you heard about the HTC Rhyme?  That purple phone?  I'm extremely interested in it. Waiting to read actual user reviews before deciding.  I would be upgrading from an original Motorola Droid.  Big question is whether or not I can live without the physical keyboard.


  • As I mentioned in my September Summary post, I want to spend some time on single track this month.  Started off the month with a 5.3 mile run that included 2 miles of single track.  I'm off to a good start!
  • I'm also planning to continue running hills.  I'm going to try to run the aka killer hill course once a week.  Hills makes us stronger, right.


  • Our 44 mile ride went MUCH better than the 40 mile ride from the previous week.  I felt better.  We went faster.  It was more enjoyable.  Next weekend, 50.
  • This weekend we finally got the Yamika RailGrabbers and bars for my Jetta.  We already have the bike mount pieces from use on our 18+ yr old Explorer.  Haven't installed yet, but the idea for the short term is that we will be able to mount Husband's bike on top of my Jetta, with my bike inside the car.   This allows us to leave one mount on the explorer as well.  I'm all kinds of excited about this.


  • The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a HUGE event.  Broke a world record on Saturday by launching 345 balloons within one hour.  There were over 550 balloons total in the air yesterday.  It's crazy.
  • We have mixed feelings about it when the wind brings the balloons our way.  On the one hand, it is neat to be able to see them.  On the other hand, it makes Bandit very unhappy. Stymie is unfaze, but Bandit highly dislikes them. Poor doggy.


  • Well, it's October and my watermelons are still growing, but several plants are starting to die off.  Harvested quite a bit this weekend.  It's been a good year.  I'll be making more changes next year, constantly seeking the perfect mix of stuff to grow.  Fun times.
  • Discovered that Stymie likes cherry tomatoes.  Bandit won't touch them, but Stymie acts like they are candy.  Whenever I go into the garden, he now sits by the gate waiting for me to bring him a snack.  Cute.


  1. Congrats on the IPads

    I am jealous your garden is still going, all my efforts got me ONE tomato and a handful of strawberries and nothing else

  2. We need to get some sort of bike rack system by next season. This year we were squishing both bikes inside the car - no easy task!!

    Score in the iPad!!!

  3. We love our iPad..congrats!
    I have 2 black thumbs as far as gardening goes..

  4. Oooh! I hope you will give us a review of your Ipad. Poor Bandit! Sounds like he's missing out on all the fun.

  5. The gardens do tend to fade out. Time to plant some lettuce and greens for the fall!

  6. You won an iPad, sweet!! That's awesome. I've been debating on breaking down and buying one.

    Glad your ride went well....This weekend will go just as good :)

  7. Enjoy the iPad and the single track running. Much like my running, my garden wasn't the greatest this year.

  8. bam just like that an iPad, congrats!!

    any tips for making my bootie hurt less after long rides or during!

  9. Yeah for the bike ride going well. Have fun with the 50 and I am jealous.

  10. I've got my eye on that Kindle Fire... I'm actually totally against being plugged in 24/7. That's why I have a prepaid cell phone :-)

  11. The pictures from the Fiesta are amazing. Can't imagine seeing it in person. And I have an original Motorola Droid that I wish weren't dying a horribly, buggy death. I loved it so, but it's making me cranky right now. Would love to hear what you find out about the Rhyme. (I am reluctant to give up my keyboard too!)

  12. Jealous about your garden. We didn't plant anything this year. The deer eat up everything and our neighbors had free-roaming goats. :)

    Maybe next year. :)

  13. I'm looking at HTC as well but haven't decided on anything yet. Yay for single track and yay for hills! I love both of those. Glad the biking is going so well. My garden is starting to look like a proper spring garden finally. I love gardening and take photos of flowers in my garden as a hobby.