Friday, October 21, 2011

A little bit of running

1) Cupcake Classic:  We'll call this one my cupcake classic virtual run.  This was another run with a warm up, then a few miles tempo, then a cool down.  Happy 37th B'day, Jess!
Cupcake Run Splits. Time at 3.7 miles = 37:27

2) Interval Run:  The first and last splits (10, 10:30 paces) were about a mile long, the run/walk segments in the middle were timed to be one minute each.  The fastest split had me going at about a 7:11 pace.  That was too fast.  Most of them were closer to 7:30, which was tough, but doable.
Interval Run/Walk.  Holy Heck that was hard work!

3) Planned Run:  Saturday I hope to go 6.5-7.0 miles easy on a mixture of single track, dirt levee road, and hard road in preparation for the all-terrain race the following weekend.


  1. Nice speed work there. Looks very tough!

  2. Great job on your speed work!! Hope you have a great race next weekend!