Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

1) Swam this morning. I had also gone to the pool on Saturday, and had to take it really easy on the turns due to my back. This morning I felt great! Completed my 1000 workout complete with one timed 400 at 8:31 (~2:07/100) which I believe is my fastest yet. Woot!

2) I might go to the track tonight. As much as I hate the track, mostly because all the turning is bad for my left knee, it does have a 'springy' surface that I think would be better for me to run on than hard pavement or uneven trail. Yes, that means I plan to run today. Yeeehah!

3) I love my Kinvaras so much, I ordered a second pair in a different color. They are called transition shoes because they are a transition from normal running shoes to minimalist, but for me they may be transition shoes because I've transitioned to running in them full time.

4) Husband runs in Merrells now after starting with Vibram Five-Fingers. It took him a while to transition to minimalist running, but he claims it has helped his hip tremendously. He loves them so much he even wears them to work. I have no plans of running in them, but I picked up a pair of Merrells of my own this weekend. Walked the dogs in them. Wore them to work. So far I'm quite pleased. So much that I'm trying to determine which color(s) to get next.

5) Two weeks from today, Son leaves to go back to California. This time he's heading out solo, spending some time with friends before moving back into Berkeley. In some ways, the summer has gone by way too fast. *sad face*

6) Speaking of time going by too fast, also two weeks from today, Daughter registers for her Senior year of High school. A few days after that she gets her senior portraits done. This is my baby I'm talking about, who is now a beautiful young lady. Where does the time go?

7) Right before my back started being problematic, I registered Husband & I for a 5K, about 2.5 weeks out from now. Two weeks later, Live.Love.Tri. Two weeks after that, Patriot. Race season is fast approaching!

8) If all goes well, I will cycle tomorrow. This is my weak link. Only way I know to get better is to keep at it. So that's what I intend to do.


  1. I have been wanting to try Merrell for just everyday walking. What kind did you get.
    My daughter is getting ready to start senior year too...it does go sooo fast.:(
    Way to go on your swim! Glad your back is on the mend!

  2. Keep at it girl you are doing great!!!

    Time sure does fly doesn't it?

  3. Do you always go the same direction on the track? I know it's customary to run counter-clockwise, but if no one is there I sometimes run clockwise. Or if it's crowded, I do my recovery laps clockwise (on the outer lane so I don't get in people's way). Going in the same direction is not good for your joints, as you know, so I mix it up. Maybe that will help you also?

  4. YAY for race season - time for all of this summer training to pay off!

    Way to go on your swim this morning, and have a great run!

  5. I am also loving my Kinvaras! I was very cautious with them at first, but I did a 6 miler in them yesterday and they are going into my first rotation slot after my upcoming half-marathon.

  6. The swimming really helps the back, doesn't it? Glad you're feeling better. You'll be ready for the sprint.

  7. Can you keep us updated on the Merrell for walking?
    Good luck on the bike tomorrow and the run tonight.

  8. Yay for the good swim -- hope your run went well!

  9. Congrats on the swim PR!

    I just got another pair of Kinvara as well and am going to order a pair for the Mrs. Love them!

  10. Wow sounds like a lot going on! Time flies by so fast! :0)

    Just wanted to let you know that you've been tagged! :0)

  11. Ohhh hadn't realised you were transitioning to minimum running... I'm trying to slouch around in vivobarefoot shoes but not sure about running in them!

    ... and yes... time passes wayyyy too quickly.... Hope you get to have some time on the bike today, enjoy your ride :)

  12. busy busy :-) it will be interesting to see how the minimalist shoes affect your knee. Keep us up to date!

  13. Glad your swimming is helping. My chiro has noticed a huge difference since I've been swimming more.

    I'd love to try the new minimal Saucony shoe.
    Funny how we just rely on what we've been using for years.

    Can't believe it has been a year already, I recall when your son was heading off last year...time is just going to quickly.

  14. sounds like a great week of swimming. i hope the running went well, and biking too! my husband has started using vibrams and it seems to really cut down on his hip pain he's always had. i'm a fan of the free's now, so that's fantastic you found the kinvaras and are loving them. the cute colors NEVER hurt.

  15. wohoooo kinvara's!! I am just such a fan of mine too.

    I am not a track fan, but you are right sometimes that different surface is really great on the body.

    way to go on teh swim!

  16. Noooooo. Don't talk about the summer ending. If you talk about it, it will come true!! *sticks head in the sand*