Friday, July 1, 2011

June Tally & Thursday hills

June Numbers:
  • Miles by feet: 56.1
  • Miles by seat: 112.2
  • Yards in water: 4550
  • Sick Days: 3
  • Too Smokey to Workout Days: 2
  • Best 400 swim: 8:37
  • Hill workouts: 8
  • Bike Flats: too many to count
  • New tires installed: one
  • Tri training is off to a good start. :-)
Plans for July:
  • Tri training
  • Decide on Patriot (to do or not to do)
  • Lots of hills
  • Possible 5K (stay tuned!)
Thursday Hills:

This was my morning cycle profile. I wanted to do one more repeat, but didn't get out the door early enough and had to cut it short at three:

And this is what our evening run looked like:

Yikes. That was intense. But one of my best workouts ever.

When I went to bed last night, I honestly thought that I was going to get up this morning and do more hills on my bike. Hahahahahahahaha. Let's just say that the body had other plans. Went for a nice 4 mile recovery walk instead. It's probably best to let my body recover from that double hill workout day before I tackle more hills anyway.


  1. The run looks like flames. Apropos for where you are, I guess.

    Good job on the exercise and the rest.

  2. I love to hear when someones training gets off to a good start

  3. It seems like June was a really good month for you! I'm glad your tri training has started off so well!

  4. Sometimes body and brain have different plans.
    Terrible hills!!! Great workouts.
    June looks like a very good month, I wish a better july!

  5. Nice job with the June training! Keep up the good work in July.

  6. You had a very successful months of June by the looks of it. Good decision to give your body time to recover from this double whammy of hill work! You will be stronger for it next time you tackle them.

  7. great job and good luck in july!