Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mid-week update

1) Back Pain - Thanks for all the comments and concern and suggestions. I really appreciate it. I worked from home on Monday and rescheduled my meetings so that I had a few chunks of time available to do some rehab work on my back (stretching, icing, walking, etc). By the end of the day my back was feeling much better. I learned that walking made my back feel better than anything else. Tuesday I went to the office and essentially sat in a chair in front of a computer all day. Not good. I left the office feeling much worse that I did the day before. However, I also had an end of day chiropractor appt. The chiro does something more like ART than regular chiro stuff. He also sent me to PT (it's a joint chiro/PT office) and the PT did some electro-stimulation and ice. I woke up this morning feeling much better. Went for a walk and soon will be heading into the office. Hoping today will be better than yesterday if I make time to get up and stretch and stuff.

2) Mindset - This weekend someone asked me if I was upset about my back issue messing up my training schedule as they knew I was working toward a hilly triathlon. Yes and No. I'm mostly upset that the back problems are messing up my life. And training is part of my life. But I'm not at all concerned about the effect it might or might not have on my race. Several years ago I trained to race, but now I race to train. It's a completely different mindset. It's about the journey rather than the destination. Having a race or two or six on my schedule just helps me put structure in my training plan. But it really isn't so much about the race itself. Does that make any sense?

3) Q & A with Lisa! - I was tagged by Teamarcia at the Studly Runner to open my blog up to some Q & A. I've enjoyed reading the questions and answers on other blogs so I figured, what the heck. So please ask away...


  1. I feel like ART helps a lot. Good luck.

    Best book you ever read?

    Favorite way to spend an unexpected free hour?

  2. I'm glad you've found some relief for your back. Hope you can get up and move around enough today that it doesn't feel horrible later.

    Question: If you could run (tri) a race anywhere in the world, where would that be?

  3. Back pain is never something I mess around with.
    Q: What is your all time favourite meal?

  4. How's the back????

    No, that's not my question.

    If your running career were made into a movie, what would it be called and who would play you????

  5. "Several years ago I trained to race, but now I race to train." = I never really thought of it like that but I love this idea.

    Q: Where did you grow up?

  6. Glad the ARTist has you feeling a little better. Backs are finicky.

    Do you ever consider living somewhere else? If so where?

  7. my question: what would you do if you won a free pair of brooks shoes on my blog?

    You'd better come up with a good answer - you won! Http://

  8. A 3 things Wednesday? how odd.... Glad your back is feeling better.

  9. Back pain is the worst! ART makes all my joint pain so much better, though, so hopefully this chiropractor will be able to get you pain free soon!

  10. glad you're feeling better! hope the art and chiro therapy continue to help.


    i'll follow tnt ken's question and ask - what song(s) would be played during the 'running-shot montage' of you in your running video?

    you have to take a vacation somewhere in the USA. the only stipulation is that it can't be a typical big/well-known city like vegas, nyc, los angeles, etc... where would you go?

    what random bad habit do you have? (for example, i open mail and leave it laying around the house instead of in one neat pile or handling it right away)

  11. Any kind of pain that interferes with your life sucks big time! I'm glad you sound like you are on the mend. ;)

  12. Hope the back is feeling better! I'm the same way when I have back pain -- sitting makes it worse but light exercise helps so much. Sounds like you have a good chiro -- hope it's helping!

  13. Glad to read that you're on the upswing with your back issues, could this be caused by part of the knee problem? No, that is not my question.

    My question is...what ARE you going to do with your new Brooks you won from Adam?

  14. Ugh, back injuries suck. Of course, if I was within earshot, you'd constantly hear me say "baby got back!" while you recover. Feeling lucky now?