Thursday, July 26, 2007

I spy, out of the corner of my eye...

Things observed along side the road while cycing to work today:

a Wendy's bag
dead snake
a beer bottle
dead bunny
broken glass
a pair of boxer shorts
horse poop
a single shoe
a large dead bird (possibly a chicken)
a water bottle


  1. Um no offense, but you live in a place where the residents have bumper stickers that say, "I own horses and I vote," whatever that means. Horse poop is a foregone conclusions. You might as well say, "I saw some dirt." I'm just SAYIN'.

  2. That is quite a variety there!

  3. You sure you weren't out in the woods somehwere..

    Maybe the snake ate the bunny, that is why it croaked also...

    Let me know if you see as nice bike in a ditch somewhere on your way to work.

  4. a chicken?
    Eyes centre front from now on for you missy!

  5. This week I passed a bike commuter riding a bike that said LeMond and I thought of you. It looked like an older style, but still a nice bike.

    You've got quite the scenery on that commute, you can't quite zone out the same as in the car with that much to keep an eye on.

  6. I *did* see dirt. A big pile of it that I had to avoid. Maybe I should add that to the list. LOL

    Personally, I thought the boxer shorts and the dead chicken were odd.

  7. Mittens in Albuquerque? Did someone throw those out on their way to Alaska?

  8. YUCKY!!!! Poor dead bunny :(

  9. Another eagle eye....and both are Lisa's how observant. I too spy so many things when I run, nails, beer cans, wine bottles, maybe I'm running in the wrong part of town.

    I've also found money, pennies, nickels, dimes, and even quarters, maybe I'll find enough to pay my way into a marathon someday.