Wednesday, August 29, 2007

workout schedule

It's getting close to the end of the month where I tally some stats to keep me honest. I know in advance that my cycling will be the highest ever. Swimming and running...not so much. But this is okay, I've shifted focus to work on my weak area and I've learned that cycling is actually a lot of fun, not necessarily something to dread. Now that the kids are back in school, I can't manage very many two-a-days, so that is also affecting running. In the summer, I could squeeze in some 2-4 mile runs in the afternoon a few days a week. Now those are gone...

Here's what my workout schedule currently looks like (going back to last Friday). After this I have one week 'til the half mary and a few after that 'til Elephant Man.

Fri : 1 mile open water swim
Sat: 30-35 mile bike
Sun: 9-11 mile run & watch IMLOU
Mon: 13 mile bike (to work&back)
Tue: OFF
Wed: 13 mile bike (to work&back)
Thu: strength/core
Fri: 2000M swim & 4-6 mi run
Sat: 35-40 mile bike
Sun: 7-9 mile run


  1. You are working out 6 days a week?

  2. "I've learned that cycling is actually a lot of fun, not necessarily something to dread"
    - could you give me lessons?

    You're really building a strong base! With all that work you will have a great HM I am sure :)

  3. You aactually like cycling.. Hey it does grow on you right.

    Nice workouts there, keep it up..

  4. Heck of a training set. You've inspired me :-) When my oldest gets his license in November, I think I'll try to ride my bike to work once a week. It will be a nice 42 mile round trip!!

  5. I find if I do something--anything--every day it keeps me focused and hoping to build on what base I have. Sounds like you are thinking the same thing. Good going!

  6. Lookin good!! Wow, you're pretty hardcore!

  7. looks good to me too.
    keep it going strong.

    I just read your last posts too.
    all good stuff.
    Very nice bikes and so purposful. Bikes are things of art and beauty.

  8. Remember to just enjoy crossing the finish line of your first half marathon...regardless of where you finish!

  9. kick a$$! I'm volunteering at the Butte so I'll see you there!