Monday, August 27, 2007


I have my first ever half-marathon in less than two weeks and I don't feel prepared. I think there's a good chance that I'll be one of the last runners out there (again). Disappointing reality rears its ugly head again.

Normally, this wouldn't bother me too much, but with the Ironman hootinanny this weekend, and the Ironman festivities the day that I am scheduled to run said half-marathon, I am left feeling pretty lame about my abilities (or lack-thereof).

Ironically, a friend happened to send me an article by John Bingham where he writes about choosing to view running, any form of running, as a gift. Somehow I had momentarily forgotten that point, but it is so true.

That article was just what I needed today. I'll close with a few of his words.

"So if you see me smiling while I'm running, don't be surprised. What I know for sure is that I am the best runner I know how to be and the best runner that I'm willing to be. That might not be much, baby, but it's all I've got." - John Bingham


  1. I love John Bingham. He has such a gift with words. The morning of my 1/2 I got up at some ungodly hour and started brewing coffee in the hotel room. I didn't want to wake up DH so I sat on the floor right in the little hallway there. I got out John Bingham's book and started reading it as the coffee brewed. I am telling you that man brought me to tears. I was reading his last chapter in Marathons for Mortals and he is just so dang encouraging.

    Anyway, try not to stress about your times or finishing last!! I am very slowly learning not to worry about it. I finished my 10k 3rd to last and I still did it! You are going to do awesome and I know you will have a great time if you forget the times!

  2. John Bingham is the reason I started running and the reason I didn't give up when surrounded by skinny fast people and the reason I take pride in whatever I do athletically - cos it's all about how I've transformed my life, not how I compere to other people.

  3. Remember JBR's best slogan "The miracle isn't that I Finished, The Miracle is that I had the courage to start"

    You have that and more to finish. Last or first, everybody gets the same goody bag..

    You will do great..

    Concerning IronMan, we are a bunch of crazy nuts training for this stuff anyway.. Just think of yourself as the sane one.

  4. Totally agree with what everyone else said. Bingham rocks, and I bought his No Need for Speed book, and that and some blogs is why I am here today. I'm not doing this to make money. Hell, I'm not even competing against other people. This is for me, about me, against me, and I am my biggest competition.

    Besides, you totally rock, Lisa, no matter where you start or finish a race...

  5. And that is the key to why we keep doing this. You know I know how you feel about being last, and I echo The Penguin's words exactly. Its hard being last, but its better than not being out there at all. You'll do fine! Just keep moving forward, and keep the inspiration of the recent IM blogger finishers in your head. I know its going to keep me going.

  6. To finish last is better than not finishing at all. Go have fun!

  7. I love John Bingham. Probably because I run slow and I can relate to him. He makes running slow seem so acceptable, and I think as runners we all think we have to be speedsters.

    Glad the article your friend gave you helped you out! Good luck with your half! All you can do is run your best race.

  8. Words to live by. Remember, unless you are the World Champion, there is always someone faster than you. Worrying about how fast everyone else is just gets in the way of what a blessing it is to just be able to run in the first place and the pure joy it brings.

    As John would say: Waddle on...

  9. If you put in a couple of nine-milers on Sundays, according to your schedule, then you will have no problem with the half. As to being slow, hey, you won't be alone. If my knee holds up after the marathon this week-end, I'll keep you company :).