Sunday, August 5, 2007

Short version of my training since having checked into the blog earlier this week: I swam, I biked, and I biked some more.

I got up this morning to go run, but here I sit on my rear end instead. It's pretty much a given that I'll regret this later today when I end up running in 90deg heat.

In other news, my list of reasons why bicycles are better than cars just keeps growing.

On Thursday I had decided to go offsite to have lunch with Husband. I should have been on my bike that day, but was exhausted from the ride the day before, so I drove in. As much of a pain in the neck fixing a flat on a bike is....multiply that times a hundred when you have a flat on a a crowded parking 12:30 in the afternoon....dressed for work...

Oh, it gets better. Friday, we were all ready to take the tire up to a local shop to see if it can be repaired...and the car won't start. Good golly, what next? We finally got the car going and the tire taking in...and there's damage to the sidewall and it can't be repaired, it needs to be replaced. Of course.

Lucky for me, once we got home, I only needed to walk my bike about 100yards before I could hop on and ride off into the sunset and leave my car worries behind. And that's pretty much what I did...


  1. OMG that stinks about the car and the flat!! Fortunately I've only experienced one flat and that was at home (knock on wood). I know how it feels sometimes . . .if it's not one thing it's another *sigh*

  2. A series of misfortunate events :-) A good excuse as any to get out there and bike!!

  3. When all else fails, just run, run, run.....

    I hate flat tires, I hate cars that won't start...where is the justice of the world...we don't have time for issues like these!!