Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Re-naming this blog

Lisa TRI-ing to be Fit just doesn't capture my attitude about fitness anymore so I want to rename this blog. I'm not creating a new one, just changing the title. It might mess up bloglines.

Here's were my head's at. My whole attitude about this is that crossing the finish line pretty much rocks no matter how long it takes. Things that used to seem impossible, suddenly seem possible. Every day that I can do this I am blessed. I truly relate to the Tortoise - hence the Slow&Steady moniker attached to my signature (which I intend to keep).

Names I've thought about:
  • Keep Moving Forward or Still Moving Forward- the mantra Bubba shared with me that kept me going during Buffman Squeaky this year. It is also what went through my head on my 10mile run on Sunday
  • Finish Smiling or Always Finish Smiling - one of my over-riding goals in every race (as in "have fun and...")
  • Chasing Rabbits - relates to being a Tortoise at the back-of-the-pack
  • Because I Can - the reason why I do this!!
  • Slow&Steady - to match the moniker and better tie in the whole tortoise and the hare thing.

What do you think and/or do you have any good ideas? At some point I may put this up for a vote. In any event, I'll warn you in advance. :)


  1. Well I never did come up with a snappy title for mine so I am not much help! I really like Slow and Steady!

  2. PS Can I use "Lisa TRI-ing to be Fit" now? LOL Acutally I was going to put "Javamom Keeps on TRI-ing" but I didn't want you to think I was copying you.

  3. I like chasing rabbits!

    Take Care

  4. I like 'chasing rabbits' and 'becuase I can'

  5. Hey I like Bubba's mantra :)

    If not, chasing rabbits, thats pretty cool too..

    So many options, so little blogging space :)

  6. I like Keep Moving Forward, Still Moving Forward or Because I Can. If smiling is one of your goals, perhaps you should use that.

    IMHO, I think you should use a positive affirmations. I think Chasing Rabbits is cute, BUT, I think that could send a negative message to you. Like if you keep telling yourself you're at the back of the pack, you will always be at the back of the pack. Know what I mean??

  7. I like Slow, Steady, and Strong :-) cause that is what you are :-)

  8. I have a friend who has a blog named "chasing rabbits" so not sure if there are "copywrites" or whatever..
    I like "I Can Cause I am Lisa"

  9. I like Finish Smiling and Because I Can. I would certainly not repeat the moniker. After all, there are so many different facets to this experience, why not express one more?

    When I think how I perceive you from what you write, your wholesome enhusiasm about the finish line, your joy about the exertion, I somehow sense that Finish Smiling comes the closest. But it sounds still a bit passive somehow, there is somewhere a similar expression that is just a bit stronger (if we could only find it) - something about rejoicing and triumph. Finish happy? Finish with a smile? Radiant at finish?

    Oh, I am just brainstroming here.

  10. I like Slow and Steady too because that's how I recognize you :-)

    And veto Lisa (Java) trying to steal your old title. That would be way to confusing for me with both you 2 being Lisa's :P

  11. I like "Chasing Rabbits" - that's great!

  12. I like "Because I Can" ... it screams ATTITUDE! :)

  13. Hi Lisa - that's quite a challenge you've set us! So I'm with the chasing rabbits theme but if someone already has it then what about "Slow. Steady. Always a winner"... in my book everyone that finishes have won their own personal battles so why not - although I suppose some people may interpret it as a bit cheesy!! LOL! :o)

    Am all going to be changing my blog at the end of the season ... won't tbe "starting" anymore!!! :oD

  14. Definitely "Chasing Rabbits" - it implies you will be victorious in the end. :)

  15. I love Chasing Rabbits and Finish Smiling.

  16. I like all your suggestions... and I am about to change my name AGAIN.

  17. I like Slow & Steady. My 2 cents.

  18. Chasing Rabbits is nice, personally I think it is up to you - whatever makes you go - as far as others, I'll give you the first 7 that come to my mind:

    Rolling along
    Don't stop
    The Little Tortoise that could
    Strong to the finish (Popeye?)
    Can't make me quit
    Never fail to finish
    The Finisher!

  19. I like chasing rabbits- very original and cute :)

  20. If chasing rabbits is taken, what about Rabbit Pursuit?
    Although I like Finish Line Smiler, too.