Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Monthly Tally

Swim - 6000 M
Bike - 186 miles
Run - 42 miles
Races - nothing

Thoughts: I lost focus in July, but managed to maintain a decent level of biking and running mileage just for fun and fitness. :)

August Outlook: There's a Sprint Tri on my calendar early in the month. Training plan focusses on prep for the half-marathon in early September. I'll have to make changes and kick my tri training up a notch if I decide to sign up for the ElephantMan (Oly).


  1. Lookin good to me ;D ;D ;D Def more than what I do! LOL

  2. Signing up for the races makes a huge difference in motivation for me...speaking of which, I'm not signed up for anything right now!

  3. Stay motivated for you! Get hubby out there on those long bike rides :-) Embrace the open water!! Woo hoo! Can you tell I haven't done anything this week yet ;-)

  4. It's very impressive - and an important thing to master - to be able to just keep at it even when you don't feel like it. Well done you! *loud applause*

  5. I agree with brendaj, putting those races on the calendar makes a bit difference in motivation.

    Good luck with your August training/races.

  6. Pencil those races in and the motivation will follow. You did get some good biking and running in for not being motivated.

  7. Looks great, especially if it was not the most focused month! I think one of the reasons that I am having trouble getting into gear is that I am not "in training" anymore...sign up for that race girl!

    Take Care

  8. Go kick ass at the sprint! Is it this weekend coming up?