Monday, July 16, 2007

Random thoughts from the nightstand

Many bloggers have cool mastheads. I want one. I have no idea how to make one, but I want one. Can I sign up for Masthead 101? I think I lost my original Turtle photo when my computer crashed and that HAS to be included in any new masthead.
Life was easier when I thought getting a new bike was out of the question. Now I find myself paralyzed with indecision. How will I ever make a decision on this?
Making a list of random thoughts from the nightstand is a good way to pass time when you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, but doesn't really help with getting back to sleep. Nor does doing laundry, unloading the dishwasher, painting your toenails, or surfing the internet.
Sleep aids work. The key is remembering to take them before you fall asleep. They aren't useful at all if you don't think about it until 2am and have to be up in 4 hours.
What is it about Monday's that make them seem so dreadful? I've had many Thursdays that were way cruddier than Mondays.
The in-home dog trainers (animal behavioralists) are coming on Friday. I need a list of behavioral issues that we want to work on. Oh good! Something else to do...
I really should wash my car. And vacuum the inside.
We need a new vacuum. Drat! I forgot all about that this weekend.
There is something about a fresh coat of bright pink nail polish on my toes that makes me feel all pretty.
It sounds like there is a cricket in the bedroom. Man, that thing is LOUD. No wonder I can't sleep!


  1. The last one creeped me out. I'd have to wake my husband up for that. OMG those things are so ugly. The thought of one chirping around in my room *shudder*

  2. I've had about 80% of those nighttime thoughts recently...

  3. Two words: bug spray :-) I can download your turtle, and theirs a cool chica designing blogger sites for donations. I know she did Duane's and Jodi's sites. We could track her down if that interests you...

  4. If you don't have bug spray, use hair spray. Does the same thing. Hope you get some sleep. Why do our brains attack us at night?

    I agree, a pretty pedicure makes almost anything bearable.

  5. It might not help getting back to sleep but you'll have a lovely pedicure!

  6. You would need to have a buddy whose really good at Photoshop and using computers, and whom might design one for you for the price of a smoothie at Coffee Break in Rio Rancho...

  7. Good luck with your masthead, maybe should keep the cricket around until you get what you like ;-)

  8. I have a lot of the same thoughts. I want to change my blog to be more exciting looking, but maybe if I was exciting it would be an easier task! I also hate waking up in the night and thinking of all those things that are sure to keep me awake. Lots of mornings that start at 3 am! As for the bike indecision, I totally know how you feel on that. I take forever to make decisions, and seeing this new bike only starts it all over again.

  9. I want a cool masthead too! If you find out how to do it let me know!

    My car is a mess too...right there with my brain!

    Pedicures are the one thing that I told my husband I HAD to have as a splurge item - I totally understand!

    There are so many crickets here I can not sleep without them anymore!

    Take Care

  10. Grr. second comment attempt. stupid blogger

  11. I hate it when my mind does that too me in the middle of the night. Funny I just watched an episode of "The New Adventures of Old Christine" The show started off with her tossing and turning and thinking random thoughts. There was a cricket invovled there also.

  12. oh, can i relate. it seems to be worse when i have to get up early, you know?

    try the masthead factory! they did mine and susan does a great job, too, although if geek girl is a friend of yours - well she did dpr's and it looks pretty hot... :-)

  13. I am right there with you on the bike indecision. We had a dog behavior person come as well...they really do help if you can follow through on the stuff.

  14. Oh man! You obviously keep a writing utensil by your bed too. Do you ever wonder if that's a good idea? (Sometimes I just keep thinking of more things to obsess about... drat!)