Monday, July 9, 2007

Not bad for a Monday

Yesterday my 6 miles turned to 6.85 miles and it was a lovely overcast morning. Ahhhh. Felt good.

It seems that my virtual training buddy and I both got off to a good start this week.

Today's plan was bike to work, which I did. It wasn't too bad in the morning, but it was hot on the way home. We're doing work in a different building so I had to carry more stuff than usual. It was really too much weight for me, and now my shoulders/upper back are a bit sore.

I was focussed, I was feeling it, but I can't really say that I was enjoying it. ;)

Tomorrow morning I'm giving myself the option to bike to work again or optionally run 3+ miles. Based on how my shoulders feel, I will probably take the run option.


  1. I didn't know you and Karen had hooked up for training! How cool is that? Rumor has it temps are going to be below normal around here for a few days. I'm all over that!!

  2. Liiiiisaaaaaa...
    You want to go to Cochiti with me on friday, don't you? C'mon admit it. You know you do. Email me!

  3. great job on the training..

    You want to be my virtual junk food eating partner.. I hate doing that alone.

  4. Ooooooooo I want a virtual training bud!! How cool!!! Awesome job!! ;D

  5. Well done Lisa! I did square root of nought today... BUT now I've read your blog I shall ride to work tomorrow (Weds) - thanks for the motivation, you are an excellent training partner!

  6. Great job on the run!

    Hope you can get your shoulders and back worked out! Riding to work is impressive!

    Have a good run tomorrow morning!

    Take Care

  7. How fun to have a virtual training partner!