Sunday, July 1, 2007

Keeping me honest

June Totals:
Pretty wimpy as expected...sigh. I do a lot of my training in the AM, but lately I've been spending a lot of that time sleeping.

Run - 29 miles

Bike - 126.5 miles

Swim - 4675M

Races - 2 (sprint, 10K)

July Forcast:
No races planned this month. I need to concentrate on figuring out how to deal with the fatigue that has been plaguing me, and get back into my groove.


  1. LOL "pretty wimpy" that is WAAAYYYYYY more then I'll ever do. I hope you start to feel better as far as the fatigue goes ;D

  2. Your pretty wimpy blows away just about any month I've ever had.

    Your body must be telling you something with that fatigue, I hope you figure it out. Don't beat yourself up over it, though. Sounds stupid, but maybe add a multi-vitamin to your diet?

    Take care of yourself.

  3. Hey Lisa - those stats look neat to me.... I don't think I'm gonna do mine - just too depressing!

    Keep at it - I'm all for a July consolidation month myself! :o)

    Oh yeah and jbmommy may have some good advice you know - I've been two weeks on an echinacea tablet and a multi-vit tablet trying to help beat my June lurgy. Anything to help - even if I'm just getting a placebo effect from them!! :o) Seems to be helping!

  4. Not wimpy at all. Give yourself alot of credit for getting out there!

  5. I hardly consider those wimpy totals! And that could be why you are so tired--add the heat to your extra training,and you are probably adjusting to the load. I felt that way the first couple of weeks increasing my run and bike totals,but I am feeling stronger now, so hang in there and hopefully it will pass. Just stick to some manageable goals until you get through this. Its not like training is the only thing you have to do in your life!

  6. Have you had all the blood tests (iron/thyroid etc?) - they play absolute havoc with your energy but are easily fixed, thank goodness.
    Take care :)

  7. Hey, 2 races in a month ain't wimpy! We gotta remember that we are doing what we can while holding onto family life and personal time. Hope you feel energized soon - will keep praying.

    July is a busy month for me - 10k race this Sunday and then my 1st ever O.D. last Sunday of July!

    Was catching up on your posts - Hubby getting the road bike has got to be the most romantic thing this old guy has ever read. :-) Hope you guide him onto a spiffy ride!

  8. Good job! I have a 10K coming up the 15th and look forward to alittle time t regroup too! I think it is a necessary good (as oposed to evil!) I got to get my knee behavin!

    Take Care

  9. Don't worry about the totals to much. I think being consistent in your training is more important then tons of mileage.

    Keep at it.

  10. I have solved the mileage shame problem. I don't record it! Hang in there. If you are still fatigued after resting more then you will know it is something more..

  11. Your numbers look pretty darn good to me!! Hope you feel better soon..I hope you can find the cause of the fatigue.

  12. I will anxiously follow how you snap out of it... because I need to as well.

  13. Hey I'm not the only one....Thank you. At least you ran.