Thursday, July 12, 2007

Non-training rambling

If I didn't know better, I'd think today was a Monday.

It all started last night when I managed to fall asleep without taking my meds which are designed to help with my sleep disorder. On the same night that my husband managed to come down with some stomach ailment.

By time my alarm went off I am sure that I'd spent more time awake than asleep and felt like DogDoo. I skipped my morning workout - it wouldn't have been productive anyway. I also seriously considered re-starting my coffee habit, but didn't.

I arrived at work only to have the pleasure of being invited to one of those behind closed doors meetings that lasted almost a full two hours. Those are never fun.

But I managed to make it through the work day and things got a little better. My MIL sent daughter a package in the mail with material and instructions for making her own beads and using them for jewelry. All we needed was a toaster oven to get Miss I'm-a-teenager-who-gets-bored-easily-and-when-that-happens-I-make-everyone-miserable on her way to having something to keep her busy for a few days/weeks. I managed to score one at Walmart at $18.88 by taking the display model. Ha!

And tomorrow starts my weekend. Yay!!

Oh - and I bought my husband a present for his new bike - a Terry Fly saddle. Now he just needs a bike to put it on. LOL.


  1. Yay on the early weekend and the toaster oven!

  2. Well done on recognising that trashed sleep = crap training and being kind to yourself :)
    Hooray for the weekend!

  3. Glad you didn't force yourself through a workout that surely wouldn't have been worth the effort.

    Sorry about the meeting, I don't even want to get started on work lately.

    Enjoy the weekend! Maybe you'll get something sparkly to wear.

  4. I could not live without my toaster is an important part of my english muffin habit!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I had one of those teenagers too. I shed a wee tear when she moved out :-)

  6. Thanks for checking in on the bike shopping...still no decision has been made. I have such a strange mix of total fear and yet total excitement. :>). Meantime the calender ticks away the triathlon just gets closer and closer. Hopefully this weekend I will have a decision made! Let me know what DH picks!

  7. Strong woman resisting the coffee!! Nasty habit I need to break yet I can't :-(

  8. Hey training bud. I'm a believer in good sleep, no point training without it.

    I have given myself my second non-training day of the week. Did hope I'd feel like training this evening but have been on my feet all day up in London, so the only thing left to do when I got back was Pizza and wine (BAD!) :oD

    Have a great weekend! Hope you find the bike for your hubby to go with the saddle!

  9. Sounds like you two are going to make some bike shop owner happy. ;-)

    As far as bikes go, the Giant you have is a pretty good road bike (if it fits you well). My first thought if you are looking to get another bike would be to look to get a triathlon specific race bike. What kind would depend on what kind of racing you plan on doing in the future. If you are going to stick with sprint and Oly distance races, I would go with a light aluminum framed tri bike. If long distance is what you are aiming for (Ironman, 70.3) then you might want to consider a carbon fiber bike for the added comfort. Either way, if you are going to invest in a tri bike, make sure to go to a bike shop that has someone with extensive experience in triathlon bike fitting. It is much different from road bike fitting and having the right geometry is key. My old bike didn't and it caused me a degenerative back and three years lost out of the sport hanging out with muscle-heads in the gym. Yuck!