Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where to start...

So, I have been looking into a new wheelset for my bike. I have even bid a few times on ebay, with no wins. This is in attempt to help me with racing...

I ordered the Toppeak MTX DX bag and MTX qbeam rack for commuting. Without verifying it, I had hoped I could cram my laptop in that bag and get the weight off my back for commuting. It arrived today. Laptop *can* be crammed in. Great! But, while it is supposed to fit all seatposts- it doesn't fit mine. Gah!!! Mine seems to be undersized. I need some sort of shim or a new seatpost or this isn't going to work. Sigh...

Meanwhile, Husband & I have been looking at roadbikes for him. He's not willing to spend too much so we're looking at entry level bikes. Similar to what I am on right now. No biggy. Just need to try some out, decide what he likes best, and buy one.

While we are shopping for him, I had an encounter with the LeMond Versailles WSD (steel and carbon). Okay, sure, technically I shouldn't have even been set an eye on this particular bike while shopping for a 6'1" man. In my defense, the encounter occured while I was left alone and unsupervised in the bike shop during one of his test rides; it's not my fault if the bike was calling my name.

I came home, looked up reviews, stared longingly at the literature I brought home, and grumbled about how I wish I could get a new bike now that I have more experience and have a better idea what I'm looking for.

He said something like "Well, if you *really* want it, why don't you just go back and buy it?"

Bug-eyed, jaw-dropping silence... I had no response at all

The thoughts in my mind raced. "Is this really *the bike* I want if I buy a new one?!?! Why was I so interested in this instead of a triathlon/TT bike? And how long do I have before he changes his mind? And what does that mean for my current bike?!?!? And do I need an extra set of aerobars or do I just move the onse I just got? Extra pedal, saddle, gosh...do I really want to spend that much right now? I really need to solve that commuting problem with the rack not fitting. And...and...and... "

Life can be so complicated sometimes. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

[p.s. only ran 2 miles today]


  1. I won't say anything about getting that bike versus a Tri bike, buyers choice, but I will say that I have the LeMond Zurich, also a steel/Carbon fiber frame. I bought it for ultra distance racing and use it a lot for commuting. It is very comfortable and an excellent bike.

  2. Oh boy..if you got the green light then I would go for it. :>) Do you mind if I ask what your entry level bike is? That is what I am shopping for now. J-mom (I have a new blog now)

  3. Sometimes I think you just need to take the opportunity when it presents itself. I vote for getting the bike if it is "the one" you want. It's only money. Think of the joy it will bring you.

  4. Humm Yoda says "if it is the one buy it you must!"

    ... and if you will go into a bike shop then how are you expect to resist such temptation?!?

  5. LMAO I'm with Lisa (J-Mom) but we're both totally impractical and lack money saving skills :-X Plus I know NOTHING about bikes hehe

  6. Sell your old bike on eBay to defray costs. For that kind of money, yes you could get a good tri bike. However, a tri bike just isn't a requirement for triathlons. Those Lemonds are very nice and will do you good :-)

  7. Oooooooh...
    I don't know much about bikes but I know about that great feeling of finding 'the right thing' = and getting it! Run, don't walk back to that shop right now!

  8. My hubby just offered to buy me a tri bike and I jumped at it. I bought a Trek Equinox and love it. What a difference! zzzzzzzzzzzthis weekend will be my first race with it.

  9. Go for it! How nice your hubby is! What size is your other bike?

  10. tough choice.. buying a bike is harder then buying a car I think. Do the research and know what you plan to use it for.

    Always a tough one.. But getting a TT/tri bike or a road bike to race on is always a personal coice.

    Good luck..

  11. Sounds like a good opportunity! But definitely try out a few to see if you really love the ride on the LeMond the best.

  12. Too bad you can't trade bikes with him and get a new one! Wouldn't that be great?