Tuesday, July 3, 2007

computer crash!

Shortly after my last post, my computer crashed. We've tried several times to bring it back to life...to no avail so far. I may need to get a new computer, not sure yet.

Posting this because for the few of you who may have emailed me about something or another, I cannot get to my email at the moment. I'm not ignoring you. I can post or comment if I use another computer, but I cannot get to my email at all.

Hope to be back online soon.

UPDATE: 04-Jul

I'm back up with a new hard drive. So far I cannot retreive anything from my old hard drive which means I lost my address book, all my old email, my favorites (including all your blog sites), my digital photos (wahhhhh!), etc. Bear with me as I try to get back up and running...


  1. Bummer! Hope you get it fixed soon!

  2. Oohhh noooooo!! Our computer died back in November and I almost had a heart attack. I was like people will think I am ignnoring their email. I hope it gets fixed soon!

  3. From your earlier post on hubby getting a bike...that's how we started working out together too. He rode with me on weekends the first year on his mountain bike, then got a rode bike, then did his first tri (Wildflower relay) this year!

  4. That is a total bummer. Go ahead and get yourself a new computer...on me...my treat. Just run over to your nearest computer store and tell em Bill Gates sent you and I said you could pick any one you want.

  5. What a pain! Good luck getting things working again. Nothing like being cut off from the rest of the world!

  6. My "puter" as my grandaughter calls it was down for a time yesterday too and I was frantic! Glad you are up and running again..