Sunday, February 9, 2014

PPP: Progress, Plans, Problems


  • It might not seem like much, but I did a test run with a 2:15/0:45 interval instead of a 2/1 and it went well.  I was planning on working my way closer to something like a 3/1 interval, but after reading some stuff on Galloway's site it seems like a :45 walk break should be sufficient.  So I'll go with this for awhile and see how it feels.  It's the same percentage running/walking, just with more frequent, but shorter, walk breaks.
  • I also hit my total mileage goal for the week, although not quite exactly as scheduled.  Good enough for me though.


  • This weekend I realized that there is another alternative for a local half-marathon: NMBPS Run for the Zoo. The race I had been targeting, the Albuquerque half marathon is on 19-Apr, and this one is a few weeks later on 04-May.  This may be the perfect solution to my rocky start at half-marathon training - push it out a few weeks!  Otherwise, I'll probably plan to run the 10K at Run for the Zoo.  I don't need to take action on this right now, but I will need to make up my mind in the next month or so for sure.
  • I'm really struggling to find motivation without my usual running partners (two of them have now moved away!).  It seems like I'm going to have to do my long runs solo.  Ugggggggh.


  1. I love the idea of Run for the Zoo. Way to be flexible with your goal races.
    Agh, I have a renewed appreciation for running outside with buddies after 10" of snow this weekend. I hope you can find some new training buddies, long runs without them are so not fun.

  2. Download some good tunes or podcasts and away you go. You can go the exact pace you want/ need, stop to take pics if want. Make it work!

  3. Run for the zoo sounds great! And congratulations on your shift in running intervals :)

  4. I'm running a 4/1 interval right now and it feels good...wish I could get back to long runs, but I've still got a way to go before I can do that. So if it helps, think of me, wishing I could be out there with you on a long one!

  5. It's good that you've got an alternative run if the first doesn't pan out. Not good about your running partners, though. Long runs just seem to go quicker with a running buddy. Have you got any running groups in your area?

  6. Ha, I just posted about motivation myself. Just keep training regularly, you'll get there. Small steps and small goals.

  7. Sorry to hear you lost 2 running partners. What helped me on my solo long runs were audiobooks. I downloaded a good book or podcast and it helped me to zone out on my long runs and the time flew by.