Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jan Look Back

  • 30.4 miles by feet (running and intentional fitness walking)
  • 185 minutes bike trainer
  • 2 days fence work
  • 1 celebration of son's 22nd b'day
  • 2 kids off and back to school (empty nest again)
  • Many emotions and decisions and actions related to having a elderly parent clearly in her last days
  • 1 trip out of town for Mom's memorial service 
  • Graduate classes started
  • Bible study started
  • New job assignment at work
  • Several special moments with daughter

  • More stress than I like and not enough fitness.  
  • Some joy, some sadness.  
  • Glad to put the month behind me.
  • Refocus on half-marathon training plan.
  • Enjoy upcoming birthday.
  • Plan for spring break vacation.
  • Stay caught up in class.
  • Be awesome!


  1. Phew! A more than full month...hope the next one is easier!

  2. I think one can safely call that a packed January. I'm sorry that it was not all good stuff that packed it, but it sounds like there were definitely rays of light in there :)

  3. I'm sorry it was a rough month. Happy upcoming birthday! Sometimes, I have a birthday week instead of a day. You know, Queen for a Week! So much better.

  4. you don't have to plan to be awesome, you just are :)

  5. That was a big month. Let's hope that Feb has less stress and more awesome. So far, not working out that way for me.

  6. I love birthdays! Think about how to treat yourself really well when it comes.

  7. That was a tough month for you. Let's hope the rest of the year is a lot easier.

  8. Love the last point - be awesome! Hope February will be a better month and you will enoy half marathon training again.

  9. Very sorry it was such a tough month. Here's to better times, milder weather and some laughter again. Hang in there.