Monday, June 10, 2013


By golly, I actually had a weekend that slightly resembles triathlon training!

Saturday morning Run:  Chose an out and back trail route (7.8 mmk) for Saturday morning. This turned out to be good for two reasons. First, it was partly shaded on a hot morning.  Second, when I felt like quitting at 5.5 miles, I had no choice but to keep going to get back to the car!  There's a reason I chose routes like this: one way or another, I *will* get my intended mileage in.

Saturday afternoon Ride: I had grandiose plans of a medium distance hilly ride with Husband.  However, it was crazy hot (90+) and I was feeling it. This time we had a route that doubled back close to home a few time, giving me an option to bail.  And I took it.  At 9.5 miles, I was done.  He, on the other hand, continued riding for another 30 miles.  I guess I'm a hot weather wimp.

Sunday afternoon Swim:  I actually got into a pool and swam!  Not without a little drama though.  The two best options for swimming based on where I live are a gym with a pool that requires monthly membership for access, and a community aquatic complex that is significantly less expensive, but non-ideal hours.  Well, I tried going to the aquatic complex yesterday afternoon, but was turned away because they were at capacity.  Doesn't matter how cheap it is if I can't get in to swim, right?  So I headed straight to the gym and paid for a month so I could use the pool.  I even got a lane to myself!  So now to make it more economical, I just need to get over there and swim more often.  And you know what? That might just be the motivation I need to swim regularly.

Side note:  Still no rain!  More closures in the bosque and foothills due to extreme fire danger.  *sad face*

Edited to fix typos.  I oritinally edited this on my tablet which did some interesting word substitutions.  Note to self, blogs are best created wtih a keyboard!


  1. You had an awesome weekend!! Yay!

  2. Way to stay active in spite of the heat. I hope you get some rain soon though.

  3. That is some awesome training, well done! I agree about the keyboard thing. I tried with my tablet a few times but found it not ideal.