Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Tally


  • 115.9 miles by seat (cycling)
  • 84.2 miles by feet (48.9 running, 35.3 cycling)
  • 1 race (run for zoo - 10k)
  • 5.5 hours gardening before I stopped tracking
  • 1 week with *both* college kids at home
  • 1 kid off to Seattle for an intership 
  • 1 kid looking for off-campus housing near UNM
  • 1 wellness challenge started at work


  • It was a good month!


  • Two events the first days of June - already completed, need to write up posts about those
  • Need to start swimming.  Really, this time I mean it!
  • Visiting Son in Seattle at end of month


  1. Nice month. May just flew by, didn't it?

    I grew up outside of Seattle. I hope your kid enjoys it up there!

  2. yay for a good month! Looking forward to hearing about your SWIMMING lol :P