Monday, July 20, 2009

This, That, & the Other

First off, thanks tyou for all the great comments and suggestions on my last post. You gave me a lot to think about! One of the first things that I will do is take a more scrupulous look at my snacks - make sure they aren't too many calories and included a reasonable amount of protein. Next is learning to say no to second helpings. And tryng to be more reasonable about the size of the first helpings. And of course keeping up with the exercise.

Today I went out for a 4 mile run/walk this morning. S-l-o-w as molasses, but got it done. It is beyond me how I managed to eek out a 9:38 pace a week and a half ago at a 5K when a 12min pace about did me in this morning.

Not sure how I'm going to work out my training for the next few weeks. We have vacation travel plans starting Monday. next week. Have the flights and car worked out, but need to work out hotels and such. Nothing like waiting til the last moment!

Which may end up not being such a bad thing. Plans just might be changing. Dad is in the hospital again, this time worse than when I went to see him in May. Things aren't looking good, but who knows...

On a different subject, I've decided that I need some sort of cargo partition/pet barrier to keep Bandit confined to the back-back of the car when he comes with me on short car trips. 75lbs of dog that occasionally decides he wants to jump in the front seat just isn't safe. I think I found what I want to order, but will wait until closer to when we leave so that it arrives closer to when we get back.

Oh, and Son's Senior photo proofs came in the mail the other day. A few of them really captured his personality. I just can't believe he's a senior already! It really struck me how much he's grown up when he was taking me to urgent care a few weeks ago.

Which brings me to the stupid finger. Couldn't take the wrapping any longer. My hand was cramping. So I took it off. A week and a half early. Yes, I know that I need to remember that broken finger is still not healed even though the wrap is off. Shouldn't be too hard to remember, since it still hurts!

Not sure if/how I'm going to pull off the Splash & Dash on Sunday. This stupid broken finger seems like it will interfere with any attempt at swimming. Later this week I will see if re-wrapping my hand gives it enough support to swim. If not, guess I'll be a no show again. Sigh.


  1. I'm not very observant and your new header has probably been there for ages, but I LOVE IT! That's a great slogan!!
    Have a good holiday :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he gets well quickly.

    Hope your finger is up for the splash and dash. And as far as the running, sounds pretty normal to me. I've run a couple of pretty fast half marathons and some days I can't even do three miles at that pace.

  3. I was wondering how the finger was doing. Hoping it's all healed up soon. Til then, careful!

    Sorry to hear about Dad.

  4. Keep your head up. Hope your finger gets all kinds of better.

    Just remember "Tough times don't last but tough people do." :)

  5. Is there some sort of protective glove you could wear while swimming?
    Just a thought.

  6. So sorry to hear about your dad, keeping him and your family in my thoughts.

    glad you freed the finger, especially if it was cramping, hope it continues to heal so that you can resume your hardcore training! :)

  7. You could probably tape the finger, couldn't you? Just for the swim? I hope it works out for you.

    I hope your dad is alright too. Ugh, for dad stuff again. :-\

  8. Hope your dad is alright.

    In terms of the diet thing, I am trying to eat 6 smaller meals, and I am having a little protein with each meal/snack. It seems to be working out so far.

  9. Sorry to hear about your dad -hope he feels better soon.
    Lisa, it seems that you got some great advice on your last post. You don't mind if I use some of it, do you? :)

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he will feel better soon.

    My son is 3, I can't imagine him as a senior! Although I know it will be here faster than I think.

    I hope you have somewhere fun picked out for you vacation (ok, that was stupid, why would you go somewhere that wasn't fun?).

    Hope you can figure out what to do with your hand for the race. wrap with a baggie over it? lol.

  11. Sorry to hear that your dad isn't well.

    What are your vacation plans again? You're driving really far, right?

  12. Sigh... Good luck with your travel plans and the finger..

  13. sometimes the best trips are the ones where you plan it last minute. hope your finger heals up well... eek!

  14. hmm a swim with a broken finger does not sound pleasant at all.

    you know I need a reminder to take a look at my snacking, so I'm glad I read that!

  15. I was going to suggest the finger tape thing also but it looks like that is well covered.

    Don't they say that the actual, physical size of an American's dinner plate is like two inches in diameter larger than the Euros?

  16. Good luck with the finger. Hope you can swim!

    Enjoy that upcoming vacation. What a treat!