Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Thing and Long Run Plan

Looked into weight watchers point system and it seems too complicated to me. But in the process, I did some research on nutritional content of some of the foods that I eat and it is clear that I eat wayyyy too much at lunch when I'm at work. Not good when I have two other meals in the day plus two snacks. Similarly, some of my snacks are too big.

For the past several days I've tried to make one conscious change and focus mainly on portion size. That's it. One thing each day. That's how habits are formed right? Here's how it played out:

* Got a smoothie Sunday afternoon for a snack. Had them add a protein scoop. Drank half and froze the other half for another day.
* Had the other half on Monday.
* Chose a garden burger over a regular burger Tuessday for lunch. Ate about 2/3 of it. Tossed the rest.
* Ate 2/3 of my roast beef and provolone sub for lunch. Also ate only about 6 of the chips that came with it.

In running news, I've decided to target tomorrow morning for my long run (7miles) rather than Saturday with the hope that I am able to do the Splash&Dash on Sunday. That leaves Friday and/or Sat to test out swimming with taped finger and will put me in a better place energy-wise on Sunday. While this all sounds good on paper, I doubt it will seem like such a good idea when my alarm goes off at stupid o'clock in the morning to make it happen.

And! My new shoes arrived. I'm not sure if running 7 miles in them straight away is a good idea, but I'm seriously considering it...


  1. Yup, one tiny change at a time. And set realistic goals too. I forgot to mention that.

    It may take a while, but you'll get there. ;)

  2. My husband lost a lot of weight and got off blood pressure meds by drastically reducing sodium intake.

    Just a thought, if you are reading labels. It is in almost everything but there are ways to avoid a lot of it.

    I'm excited to see what you think of the new shoes!

  3. I think the changes you are making are good!
    Go ahead and try the new shoes, they should be fine for 7 miles. Have fun at the splash and dash!

  4. I made it through WW for four days, then completely fell off the wagon.

    I think the biggest thing for me to be successful with losing weight is meal planning with healthy snacks - I just can't get organized enough to do it though.

  5. I agree with joyRun -meal planning is key. I get in trouble when I don't bring my own lunch and eat whatever I can find at work.

  6. I'm the last person to give diet advice, but if you're a disciplined person, give the points a go. They allow you to have a bit of silly food without getting out of control. Eventually it all makes sense, particularly if you invest in a cute little points calculator!

  7. Hope the broken finger holds up under taping enough that you can do the Splash & Dash! And to add maybe to what Stef said, I've found that cutting out processed food (which has loads of sodium) has helped me lose weight. Especially during the summer it's just not that hard to have raw fruit or a big salad. I don't worry about portion size with those. Any cooked or dense food though, I keep to a small serving of and only once a day. Good luck with those few pounds you want to knock off!

  8. We're doing Weight Watchers and the point system isn't all that difficult, but it does take some time to enter in daily. I say, do whatever works for you. Everyone is different.

    Portion control is definitely the key to losing weight. It's very hard to trick our minds into thinking we're full after eating smaller portions, but afterwhile your stomach gets used to it.

  9. small changes can add up to be a lot! well done! hope your finger feels good enough to do the Splash & Dash this weekend!

  10. I agree, small changes is the way to go. One decision at a time.

    I hope your finger is okay for the Splash & Dash!

    Also, I have been hunting for a 5K in the next couple weeks but can't find ANYTHING! I'll let you know if I find anything, but it looks grim. The next one I know of is a women's only on Aug 29th.

  11. Yes, becoming more aware of the nutritional content of foods (via Daily Plate) was how I began fueling myself better when I had some problems with low energy levels during my workouts. I'm sure it can help folks not eat as much as well.

    YAY for new shoes!

  12. Small changes make BIG differences!

  13. I love the Weight Watchers System personally and they are generous with extra points for exercise. It is not for everyone though so you just have to go with your gut (haha, I am punny. Yay for new shoes!

  14. Portion control is definitely my nemesis as well. Your plan sounds solid! Good luck!