Friday, July 10, 2009

finger update

Okay. I'm a lot less freaked out about my finger, but remain equally frustrated.

After seeing me yesterday, the hand doc doesn't think it's anything to be concerned with. She removed the splint and simply 'taped' the finger to it's neighbor for support. She wants me to practice making a fist many many times a day. And be careful not to bump it.

I'm doing the best that I can, but it's harder than it sounds. The finger is still tender, badly bruised, and swollen. Really swollen. It's currently the fattest finger on my left hand, with the exception of my thumb. And it just doesn't want to bend down very far. Not to mention that it hurts.

Here is my attempt at a drawing of what I saw on the x-ray:When I was talking to the hand doc, she asked if I've ever injured that finger before.

Why Yes, I have. Three times. Once as a very young child, playing dolls, a cradle rocked over my finger. Once in grade school playing softball. Once as a teen playing volleyball. Fractures each time.

Unlucky finger or clutzy me?

Knowing that, she said she wasn't 100% sure that this little fractured piece is a new injury. It might be. Or it might just be leftover from a past injury.

The main thing is that she wants me to keep it moving. Take ibuprofen to control swelling. Be careful with it so it can heal.

I think I can do that.

Of course I wanted to run this morning, but Husband intercepted with some other ideas.

Something about taking care of myself, that doesn't seem like such a good idea, what am I in a hurry for, just take a few days and do what the doctor says and be careful, and go ahead and make a fist and shake it at him. Whatever.

I still plan to run the 5K on Sunday, though.


  1. Nice drawing! I'm sure you'll still be able to kick out the 5k well.

    I broke my pinky toe when I was fairly young, and when it was x-rayed there was a floating fractured piece like that floating on the side of my foot. They left it there and it hasn't caused any problems. Hope yours acts the same way.

  2. I would be soooo paranoid about bumping it on something. Be careful!

    Good luck at the 5K. Just stick out your elbow so nobody can bump your hand. :)

  3. Nice illustration, but... oww!

    I'm relieved for you that you can wrap it up and let it heal all by itself. Since the doc is telling you to keep moving your hand/finger
    is a good thing.

    Good luck on the 5k on Sunday!

  4. As an artist, I congratulate you, nice drawing!

    I broke the first joint in my right index finger right before my black belt promotion...yes, I still had to fight with it all bandaged up. Let's just say I used my kicks a lot.

    Your husband sounds just like mine, it is exactly what he would say.

    Hope you feel better soon! Good luck in the 5K!

  5. OK that is one unlucky finger.. Good luck with your 5K.. Drink lots of MILK maybe the fracture will heal itself AGAIN.. LOL.. (Non-medical based advice..hehehe)

  6. You should have given him the finger.

    Just kidding.

    Glad it isn't more serious. Good luck on your race!

  7. Hey! You tell the doctor it takes HARD WORK and some pain to develop a dangling bone... But unlike a tattoo, nobody knows its there. So what good is it, I ask?

    hahahahaha! :-)

    Good for you! Go run that 5K!!!

  8. Have a great race on Sunday! And keep icing that little pinky!!

  9. I have an idea. You run the heck out of that 5K for me and I'll make fists all day long and punch stuff!!! Deal?

  10. I love that you are still going to run the 5k.

    Good luck!!!!

  11. ahh that's a true runners spirit, damn this injury I'm running anyways!

  12. Hope it feels better quickly.

    MCM Mama

  13. being kind to yourself, taking care of yourself, resting when you need to - so hard, but you can do it ((hugs)) get well soon Lisa's finger, she has things to do!

  14. Woo hoo!! Have fun at your 5k! I am glad to hear your finger is going to make a complete recovery!

  15. That poor finger! Imagine getting fractured so many times!

  16. You know Lisa your broken finger looks a lot like my broken toe. That piece there sticking out.

    Keep making that fist!!!

  17. Well, at least good news no nerve/tendon damage, it sounds. I have a couple annoying injuries that have reoccurred occasionally since childhood too. Grrr ...