Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's on my Mind


Coach keeps reminding me to write up my goals for next year and he'd like them by the end of the month if possible.

When I first thought of goals for next year, I was focussed on WHAT. I want another shot at the half marathon distance, I want to do a couple of 5Ks, 2 sprint triathlons, etc. Next, I started thinking about WHEN. I want to put one event on my calendar each month. Then I started thinking about HOW. I want to run a 10K under an hour, I'd like at least one of my races to be on a trail, I want a half marathon PR, etc. Finally, I started thinking about WHY. I want to be healthy. I want to be injury-free. I want to have fun.

Darn it! WHY is the question I should have started with first. Without really knowing WHY, the rest of it really doesn't make sense, does it? So now, I'm starting over with my goals. But this time, I think I'm going to come up with something that makes sense.


No, not that kind! Had an early morning meeting, so my gym time was abbreviated today. The sessions was a bit rushed, but I still managed to cover some important basics. Note to self, a short workout is better than a missed workout.

Upper body strength (4 exercises, 3x10 reps each)
Lower body sets for PT (6 exercises, 2x10 reps each)
Lower body Stretches (4 x each side x 30-40sec each)
Core (3x20 bicycle crunches)

The steppy things are one of my least favorite PT exercises (Boring!). But I have to really concentrate on my knee alignment, so it's probably worthwhile.


If I'm going to be serious about swimming since it's on my approved list for aerobic exercise, I need to decide (once again) where to swim.

The two leading options are rejoin my old gym (which is more expensive, but has better hours and is closer) or buying another pass for the aquatic center (which is cheaper, but less convenient). Decisions, decisions.

I'm leaning toward joining my old gym because if it's more convenient, I'll probably actually find myself in a lane swimming more often. Plus I could potentially start doing Zumba again.

Updated: Decision made! I rejoined my old gym this morning and got in a 1200yd swim.


  1. You will figure out the why. I agree it is the most important, by far. It is what will drive you through your season.

    Also agree on convenience of the old gym. Make it as easy as possible for yourself to get these workouts done.

    Meanwhile you're lookin' good!! :-)

  2. You look cute!

    I'm with you. I'd probably go with the more convenient gym and if you're going to do extras then it's worth the extra cost right?

  3. I like your goals :) If you want a goal buddy, I'm with you for the 10k under an hour and the "at least one race on a trail" ...both of those are (or should be) on my list :)

  4. Hi Lisa, yep i have some of the same goals!!

    Sub 1 hour 10K, sub 30 min 5K and i am thinking about a trail race!! THere is one that i may do next year!! I think that would be so much fun!!

    Good luck and i agree the why is important but sometimes perhaps, don't question it, just go with it!! I just know i love to run is all. So i guess thats my why!!!

  5. Life is full of decisions. I look forward to reading more about your goals for 2009. I have been thinking about mine as well, and am thinking of taking a new outlook on things this coming year! Heck, there are things I would like to accomplish by the time I am 30, and I must get crackin' on the trainin'!

  6. The WHY that is the question...Now you have me thinking WHY...
    The WHATs are great goal though. Zumba that is too much fun! That is a bonus to getting back with the old gym, as long as they don't kick you out for the self portraits.

  7. that is a very enlightening post! The 'why' is so important - note to self: re-think summer goals from that perspective!

  8. Congratulations on the "WHY" that's about the same as me :O)

    I also have the same mantra - "A" workout is better the NO workout... something is better then nothing etc etc.... HOWEVER i've got no (low) self discipline so even the mantra doesn't always work... HA HA HA

    Keep up the knee work!!

  9. The WHY question? I always ask why NOT? Then I go sign up.

    But then again 2009 is still far away.

    They have Zumba at my gym as well. I think I would be to scared to go thou.

  10. When my coach asked me for my goals in 2008, I was like: to finish, to finish, to finish :-)

    Guess I need to be a bit more specific in 09!?!

  11. You're so wise, Lisa. I love the reversal of order with the goals...makes sense. It seems like I get focused on races and PR's, but when running is taken away from me for some reason, I realize why I actually do it in the first, health, enjoyment :)

    Yep, I'd go with the more convenient swimming option too.

  12. No doubt that the 'why' is the most important question and the one that needs to be answered first. You'll figure it out, and then the schedule will fall together.

  13. Whoohoo! Lanes are locked and loaded! Uggh....I guess I have to try that swimming thing one of these days.

  14. Looking good, Lisa. Good points too.

  15. You're such a proactive and quick decision maker!

  16. Good decision with the gym...convenient is always better because we're more likely to fit it in. Good job getting in the pool already, too!

  17. agree with you that a short workout is better than none! every little bit counts!

  18. Definately go with convience, it will increase the number of times you go for a swim. Great plan!

  19. Best of luck as you think about your goals for 2009!

  20. Hey gym queen, soon to be pool queen, you're looking pretty fit. Keep it up and keep it fun.

  21. I find I have to shift my why sometimes. Sometimes it's just to be happy and have fun. Other times it has to do with weight or health. It's good to think through it!

  22. More convenient is the way to go. You don't need an extra excuse not to go when the going gets tough, convenience is key.

    Those goals sound great! Just show Coach your blog! :)

  23. The convenient one is always the better gym choice! Great swim.