Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My PT happens to also do professional bike fits. My final PT appt today involves a bike fit from a PT perspective. How cool is that?!?

No Turkey Trot or Hobbler Gobbler or other such Thanksgiving Day race for me this year. I'd be sad, except that the weather is supposed to be cruddy anyway. We *will* be going to the fitness center at work though, which is about the only gym that I know will be open on the holiday. And I *will* complete my entire workout.

My psuedo-run intervals yesterday consisted of 5W-7R-3W-7R-3W. A total of 1.92 miles in 25mins. Sigh. I'm doing what has been prescribed because I want my knee fully recovered for next year, but this is bordering what I would describe as "painfully slow" progression. Anyway, knee did fine, but hips are a bit sore. Need to stretch and roll them out later today.

I was right about needing an extra 30-45mins to complete my full workout yesterday. But I only made it there about 15 mins early. So didn't quite get it all done.

Hoping to be able to leave work at about 2:30pm today so I can come home and begin preparing the gluttonous feast. After the over-eating that is soon to follow, I am going to do something about my ever expanding waistline. I'm serious this time.

Husband and I have been hoping to go for a bike ride on Friday, but the weather report calls for snow and rain. Of course, today is supposed to be beautiful. Not Fair!


  1. That's great that your PT will do the bike fit! I had one done earlier this season, and he said i was definitely not setup properly and had it not been for my flexibility, who knows what kind of injury i'd have come up with LOL Definitely worth the time. Have a great feast :)

  2. Your PT sounds perfect. If I ever need one I'm getting yours!

    Way to stick with the running therapy. Slow and steady is best ;-)

    No Turkey Trot for us either. We have some relatives stopping by that day that I need to prepare for, and the cold weather scared us warm-weather Texas people!

  3. Oh yeah...have a wonderful Thanksgiving :-)

  4. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. It's supposed to be cold and rainy for tomorrow's race here too. I'll be out there though...

    ...shivering, but out there.

  6. I've been hoping to go for a bike ride too, but I need to find that spare tube!! LOL...

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. That is wonderful news about the bike fit!

    Sorry to hear about the crappy weather, though. However, you are lucky to have a gym open on Thanksgiving. Have a great holiday!!

  8. Slow and steady wins the race. I'd be frustrated too, but try to be patient and it will pay off.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Your PT sounds great! Not everyone gets that lucky with one.

    Enjoy your pre-turkey workout tomorrow morning!

  10. Bike fit and pt....saweet!

    I hope your bike is set up perfectly for your knee!

    Enjoy the 'gluten' fest!

  11. I hope the bike fit helps you out :)

    Glad to hear your knee is feeling ok with some running. That's a great sign!

    Happy thanksgiving!

  12. Jealous that you can actually run!! A slow comeback is prescribed after being injured (remind me when it is my turn to start running again! LOL)

    Happy thanksgiving! Hope you get to ride on Friday.

  13. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Let that knee heal. You're doing great!

  14. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  15. slow now = full recovery later (been there, done that) - it's just different kind of discipline, and you're very disciplined. you can do it!