Thursday, January 17, 2008

This, That, and the Other

Weight Status -

Not great. I seem to be stuck. I'm at -3 of -8, which also means I'm +5 of goal weight which is +5 of my weight at this same time last year. And I have less than a month to go. I've decided to devise some way to pro-rate my challenge prize to myself. The idea of all or nothing makes me want to throw the weight goal out the window because I won't make it. The idea of pro-rating the prize makes me want to keep at it.

Progress at the Gym -

The weight gloves make a difference. And I upped the weight on a few more exercises so now I'm doing more weight on all but one so far. I'm quite pleased with that.

Missing in Action -

Anything remotely resembling triathlon training. Sigh. But I'm hoping for an improvement in the weather and/or an improvement in my motivation. SOON.

Random Fact about my Computer -

I think something is wrong with my computer. I seem to go through mice every few weeks. I seriously think my computer does something to them to cause them to fail. And what is with the touchpad thingy that is built into the laptop? I hate that thing. I like the little red pointer mouse thing on my work laptop much better.

Random Fact about the Scooter pursuit -

I'm planning to go to the Scooter store tomorrow. I have given myself permission to buy a helmet, jacket, and gloves if I find something that I like and fits. I need these things before getting the scooter and/or before taking the Motorcycle Safety Course. I'm still not sure if I'm going to try to get a permit (pass the written test), then get the scooter, then take the course on my scooter for the full endorsement OR if I'm going to try to take the course first (on a motorcycle) for the full endorsement before bringing the scooter home.

Random Fact about B'days

Son turns 16 on Sunday (in three days). Husband turns 47 three weeks later. I turn 43 three days after that. We have quite a cluster of b'days coming up. Daughter is out there on her own in early November


  1. Well, Happy Birthday to the whole cluster!!

  2. Are you signed up for a race? That always helps to get me motivated.

    Happy Birthday to everyone! Our family rolls through ours in the next few months as well.

  3. How we long for the warmer weather! Our body can shed these unneeded pounds. All avenues to tri open up. *sigh* :-) Good luck with the acquisitions.

  4. The shopping part sounds the most fun to me!

  5. The weight will happen - it's normal for a plateau isn't it - and also it's about shape rather then absolute weight - with you doing strength training your muscle mass will be increasing - and that weighs more then the rest!

    As for birthday cluster - we have the same, Dad'd bday today then mine, my bro and my Mum - we're all done by 1 March!

    Keep with it on the training front - and when is your next race!?!

  6. I think my scale is stuck as well. It keeps on showing the same number.

    Have fun shopping for some scooter stuff.

    Keep at with the workouts, it's hard during the down months, but j~mom does have a good idea to sign up for something. Always gets me motivated.

  7. I think your pro-rating idea is wise. I'm having a hard time dropping the pounds, too. You look very slim, trim and fit to me though!

    Glad the weight gloves help :)

    Wow, lots of birthdays soon! Why do I immediately think of cake? No wonder I'm having a hard time dropping the pounds!

  8. Hang in there on the weight. You might just make it or at least get closer.

  9. Have you read "Endurance Sports Nutrition" by Suzanne Girard Eberle...Love it. I'm slowly making my way through it but I've been encouraged in my eating and, like you, I'm getting back into the training so I can move from Novice status to Beginner this summer when I complete the first Sprint Tri of my life.

  10. in case I forget later, happy birthday.