Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Checkin' in

On the exercise front:

  • Ran 2.6 miles on Monday
  • Completed my strength workout on Tuesday
  • Ran 3.3 miles today (Wed)
Again, no speed or distance records, but I'm getting some running in and staying to my plan. I am confident that I will complete my strength workout tomorrow and Friday's planned run because I'm actually looking forward to both. Yay for what appears to be the return of the missing motivation!!

On the weight front:

  • Not happy with the scale
At work we have an annual health-for-life program where we get blood work and such. As I mentioned before, my weight is up 5 lbs from last year. I'd like to think it is from an increase in muscle, but my percent body fat is higher as well, so that theory is pretty much out the window. Grumble grumble grumble...

On the scooter front:

  • Helmet purchased
  • Grip lock ordered, should arrive this weekend

I'm going to attempt to get my learners permit Friday morning. This requires passing a written test that I've only loosely studied for. I figure that if I fail, I'll at least know what kind of questions to study for next time.

Once I get my learners permit, I may buy the scooter within a week. They have one last one in a discontinued color that I like. If they sell that before I get my act together, it is okay. In any event, I still need jacket and gloves before I can ride it. And I'm still not quite sure how to get it home from the dealer...exploring options there.

On the Bandit front:

  • duck and potato diet made him gassy
  • back on lamb & rice

I said I'd let you know how that was going. As it turns out, I'll never know how the other diet might have worked for his ears / skin allergies because it had other negative effects with his digestive system. We're back to square one.


  1. That's pretty sweet that you all have a program for work (sorry it's not the results you wanted though :-( ) I wish my husband's job would do something similar. Maybe it would give him a reality check :-/

  2. Sounds like you're off to a good workout start for the week. Good luck with that written test.

  3. For your scooter jacket you may want to check out Corazzo Design apparel.

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    good luck with all your efforts.

  4. Sounds like your off to your many steps.. Good job..

    Hmmm, scooter buying, that sounds like fun..

    By the way I think duck and potato would make me gassy as well. :)

  5. Sounds like the exercise is going good even if you're not happy w/ your weight right now. Looks like things are progressing w/ the scooter & sorry to hear about being back to square one w/ Bandit.

  6. Great job with your workouts! It certainly helps when you're looking forward to it...glad the motivation is back. I think when it gets warmer outside, our motivation will increase even more :)

    Good luck with Bandit. You're a good dog-parent. Our Dink is gassy no matter what she eats, and seems to have some itchy skin allergies. I haven't looked into like you though.

  7. I know this sounds a little snooty...but I changed Koz (again) to a vegan diet (food purchased at local Green Life...expensive, but less expensive than the vet food) and he is going great!I did not know there was such a thing and I was bowsing and thought I would give it a try...just a thought!
    Great workouts...On the flip side I will tell you that I lost weight during my inactivity but it was becasue of all my pretty muscle turning to flab...I am sure you are gaining muscle!
    I would never have guessed that there would be a learners permit for a scooter, especially since you have a drivers lisence!

  8. Great job getting back to it. I'm sure the weight will come off as you build back your consistency.

  9. Wow I must be losing it...when I looked at your distance for Monday..for some reason it registered in my brain as 26.2....and I was like damn who does that for a regular run. Then I read again...I need it to be the weekend lol

  10. I might have missed part of the Bandit dicussion, but do you give him a fish oil (omega 3 fatty acid) suplement? Because my dog, Scooter, has skin issues and allergies, and for one, we feed him this hippy/organic dog food (dogs are often allergic to corn or wheat, so if it's in his food that could be a source), but for another, we give him a fish oil pill once a day. He gobbles it up with his food no problem.

    But, anyway, he needs the extra fat. Otherwise, if he doesn't have it, he gets these patches of fur that fall out and he scratches at himself constantly. I have several friends whose dogs also take fish oil as a suplement for similiar reasons.

    Like I said, I may have missed this discussion,so I'm not sure where you're at with treatment.

  11. Great on your workouts! I am so excited to see how it goes with the scooter! I think that is a fantastic way to commute! I hope you figure out something for Bandit, it looks like lots have great advice.

  12. I'm sure you'll breeze thru that test! Hope the pooch feels better soon.

  13. Boo to the scales!
    Hooray for your mojo coming back!
    Ewwww about your dog's GI issues...

  14. Hey, logging miles thats all it's about.

    Our kids are partial to Purena Lamb & Rice too.

  15. Hoping the scooter thing works for you.
    You will pass the test at least by the second pass for sure.

  16. Looks like a good week so far! :)

  17. Good that your getting back on track. I need some motivation myself! Keep it up :)

  18. Scooter? Doesn't that cut back on cycling mileage? :-)

    Have you tried fish with Bandit?

  19. We have a similar program. Almost the deadline for me to sign up. I'm working on whittling down the weight and waistline too. No doubt its a lot of work! Too bad for Bandit. Hopefully something works soon. And yay to you for sticking with your run plan. If you keep up even at that pace, you'll have a good base for spring.

  20. Square one is not always a bad place to be :)

  21. Great job on working out. The weight loss will follow as the trainin goes up.