Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reflecting Back on Goals

I wrote some goals last December for this year. I figured this was a good time to reflect back and re-prioritize if needed since my race season is almost over.

Go Farther! - Mission Accomplished. This was my primary goal, and I've done what I set out to do.
1. complete 10K race - DONE
2. complete Olympic triathlon - DONE
3. complete half marathon - DONE

Go Faster! - Not gonna' happen this year, and that's OK.
1. under 27:35 min stand-alone 5K – just under 9min mi/hr – BWAHHH!! What was I thinking?!?!? I'm nowhere close and I'm really not working toward this.
2. under 01:30:00 at Socorro Chile Harvest Tri - Didn't do the race, but they changed the venue so it wouldn't have been apples to apples anyway.

Have fun! - For the most part, I think I've succeeded here.
1. Do 3 races of any sort just for kicks - not as stepping stones to farther or faster – 2 for 3 so far, Run for the Zoo and Gallup Tri. I think Elephant Man counts too.
2. No races because I feel “I have to” – only because “I want to” - DONE
3. Rockin’ race photos :) - This sounded good on paper, but I don't have race photos (much less rockin' ones) for most of the races that I did this year.


  1. You succeded in all your goals, by just believing in yourself and stepping out the door and doing something about it..

    Plus you got an awesome new bikey, you forgot about that..

    You had a great year. You did things for the first time and had fun, that is really what it is all about.

    Job well done..

  2. One goal that's important-be healthy. You sure did that.You got out there

  3. Sounds like you have been mostly successful and hopefully mostly happy with your accomplishments.

  4. Goals are meant to be changed as needed. Rigid goals make us do stupid stuff that makes no sense.

  5. I thought I added a summary sentence at the end, but since I didn't, I'll add it here. I'm pleased with how the year has unfolded. I've learned more about myself and my priorities and time has gone on. :)

  6. Lack of photos means hubby needs to do a better job! LOL! Congrats on meeting so many of your goals. Where's the one about commuting to work? Totally freakin awesome!!

  7. Feels good, doesn't it? Go you!

  8. I love triathlon for that simple reason, that you get to set goals and work towards them. I think it looks like you had a great season- especially to cap it off with a half mary as you did. Many people we know don't understand the training/blogging that I do, it's because they don't read the inspiring posts like these.

  9. 2 outta 3 is pretty darn successful!

  10. Good job Lisa! Especially the part about racing cause you want to.

  11. If I lived closer, I'd send my photographer hubby out to photograph your next race!

  12. Great job with the goals. Of course, you know what that are going to have to come up with some more goals.

  13. I think Having Fun is one of the best goals! ... and to be healthy! :)

  14. I saw the trick is to keep having fun and not b/c we have to.

    That's key.

    Have you compare your pace for 5 k vs 10 k vs half mara?

    I won't be surprise if the pace is not a huge diff. That's good. This means you have a good aerobic base.

    Put the technical aside, the best part is having fun :D.

  15. Oh wow, people actually look back at the goals they made? :D just kidding. You had some great goals and you did a great job. It's not easy to stay engaged and goal-oriented for that period of time. I may have to borrow (steal) your approach!!

    Congrats on your success, and here's to new goals and continued success.

  16. Sounds like you've definitely been successful this year! Awesome job!

  17. Looks like an awesome year!!! Looks like we were having similar thoughts on that day! :>)

    Great job and thanks for sharing your journey with us!