Wednesday, September 5, 2007

half-mary planning

I never really declared an A race this year, so I've trained through most of my events. I'm trying out a mini-taper for the half-marathon, mostly an attempt to save my legs for Sunday. Mini-taper basically means no long bike rides on Saturday and an extra rest day this week. Hope it works out for me!!

Monday was 45mile bike
Yesterday was OFF
Today was bike (to work and errands) - 15miles
Tomorrow upper body strength at gym
Friday swim 2000M; easy 2-3 mile run
Saturday OFF
Sunday half-marathon & watch IM MOO!!

I'm planning on bringing my ipod nano and fuel belt with 3 bottles accelerade, one water, and two gels. I can get the rest from the course aid stations. Not sure what I'm wearing, but probably the yellow hat that is in my profile pic. I love that hat for running.

The route is changed this year. Usually, this event comes up into Loma Larga in Corrales which is practically my back yard (okay, not my back yard, but where I do my long runs). This year it goes up 4th (to 313?) to Bernalillo due to construction on Alameda. Drat! I lose a bit of a psychological edge, but I think the new route will have less traffic and hence be safer, so that is a plus.

Packet pick-up started today. I intend to get mine tomorrow!!


  1. Good luck to you and enjoy the day. Sounds like you have a great plan.

  2. OOOOh I love a plan! Sounds great :)
    Have a tremendous run, you have been so consitent with your base building you will do really well I am certain

  3. Bring on the race! on your previous post and question re: female parts, I think overall fit of the bike is most critical to comfort, since it affects your whole position. I also happen to have a butterfly saddle which I like. And the longer my ride, the more comfy the shorts is a good principle.

  4. Good luck on your race!

  5. you will do great whatever the time you finish in..

    Just remember on Sunday, you and me, one step at a time...KEEP MOVING FORWARD...

    Have fun out there..

  6. Good luck this weekend! I look forward to the race report!

    PS: How is it that you can get yourself up and working out before starting the day??? As much as I want to, the alarm goes off before the crack of dawn and I ignore it! Teach me your secret!

  7. Sounds exciting! No predictions? LOL. How about a sub-2 :-)

  8. Love the plan. Love the hat. Love that you are sticking with it. Love that there will be a race report soon!

    Take Care

  9. GOod luck Lisa!! I know you will do well. Give us a race report..

  10. Lisa...I'm tapering this week, too. I wasn't going to (for fear of not training enough for the Elephant tri), but one of our dogs had to have surgery unexpectedly because she ate part of a tennis ball! Hopefully, the lighter week will give me fresh legs for Sunday.

    I was disappointed the race wasn't going through Corrales this year. It is so pretty there. I'll look for your yellow hat. I think I'll wear a red shirt. Have fun! Packet pick-up...YAY!!

  11. Holy!!! I didn't realize it was this weekend!! Gosh that HM came up really quick!! I'm excited for you!! You'll do GREAT!!!! ;D ;D

  12. Safer always beats familiarity.

    Good luck - the hat looks nice!

  13. GOOD LUCK! I will be checking results for not only IM WI but for you! I hope this goes well for you. Just remember, whatever you do is done. Be happy with it and the fact that you finished.

  14. You sound very ready. Good luck at the race Sunday.

  15. Can't wait to hear the report. I am sure you did great!