Friday, September 14, 2007

Attack of the killer....mouse

This morning I completed another confidence-building open water swim with Cindy. I'm happy to report that I had no anxiety or panic attacks at all. I'm feeling good about the upcoming swim at ElephantMan.

Got home and showered right away. As I was getting ready to step out of the shower when a mouse came running full speed at me followed closely by our female cat. I shreiked in terror, surprising even myself. Anyone who heard me would have thought I was being attacked by a psycho killer, but alas, it was just a tiny mouse. Good golly! What is it with me and irrational fears lately?

Anyway, I high tailed it out of there and left the house to do errands, hoping that the cats would take care of this unwelcomed critter by the time I got home. I came home a few hours later and the cats were sleeping. I checked each room of the house for a legs-up mouse and found nothing. Crud! It must be in here somewhere, my luck it's lurking under my bed waiting to come at me again when I least expect it. And what's with the cats sleeping on the job?!?!?

I had to leave again for other errands and got back after Husband returned from work. The first thing he asked was, "What should we do about the mouse?"

"Oh crud, where is it?"

"In the shower. It's trapped and can't get out."

Gahhhh! I *knew* that mouse was coming after me in there!!!

Anyway, the mouse was subject to our own version of catch and release. But if it comes in again...I'm sicking the cats on it!


  1. Oh no, no, no, no!!! I don't like the mouse thing one bit. :>) Glad you evicted it.

    Great job on your swim!

  2. Yes - shudder - I have often played cat, human and mouse as my cat brings them in alive in the middle of the night as a present.... A comedy then ensues as I try to save it (send it flying out the back by the tail - does that count>), and the cat tries to recapture and crunch on it.. gross!

    ... Give it to the cats if it dares come in again!

  3. I'm glad you let him go. Those little field mice are harmless... Now, rats are another story for another day :-) Nice job on the open water swim! Bring on Mouseman :-)

  4. LOL! Too funny. I've had my share of mouse tails too. The only predictable thing about mice is that they show up when least expected! He's probably trying to find a warm place before winter!

  5. Thanks again for doing the open water swim with me and making sure I didn't drown. My anxiety left after you reassured me that I was seeing the sun's reflection under water and not "big plants!"

    Oh...a fun little mouse! Our cats used to always bring us those little gifts...good luck :)