Monday, February 9, 2009

Those who can't!

I went to the gym and was able to do about half of my stuff.

I wore a new workout top that I bought at Marshalls on Sunday.

I seriously do NOT need anymore workout clothes.

But it's really a cute top and was a great price!

Wish I could have snapped a gym queen photo today.

Too many people though, that just would have been weird.

I also bought a cute cashmere sweater, and wore it today to the office.

Oh, how I love Marshalls.

I could NOT get comfortable sitting in my office chair - too much pressure right on the sore spot.

After a few hours, determined that it would be best to work from home.

Had I known that, I would have saved the sweater for another day.

Tomorrow I may try yoga

Highly modified.

Oh, and I'll be wearing the cutest yoga top...


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  2. I seriously do NOT need anymore workout clothes.
    - I'm sorry? That just doesn't make ANY sense :P

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  4. oh shopping - how I love you. I have been trying VERY VERY hard to stay away from the mall ... seeing as how I just dropped $800 on plane tickets to Mexico. but, but.. winter sales... spring previews... new heels..

  5. Great post. I hope the healing process is smooth and fast!

  6. You know you're a workout-aholic when you have more gym clothes than office clothes!

  7. I love Marshalls!!!

    I have so many workout clothes and always wear the same two outfits.

  8. LOL at the shopping.

    I have a 13 mile run planned for tomorrow, followed by two hours of shopping. Can.not.wait.

  9. I LOVE Marshalls! But to look at the positive part of buying new workout clothes - it get's you motoivated to workout!!

    Shop on!! :)

  10. That was the cutest post :)

    Enjoy the shopping! I know never to go into Marshalls unless I have a kid with me to drag me out quickly.

  11. I have a huge weakness for cashmere sweaters, and one of my favorite ones is from Marshall's!

  12. Marshalls? I feel like I'm missing out!.. .May have to google it just for some research!

    As for shopping... a dangerous sport for sure!

  13. Oh, I'm TERRIBLE at shopping for workout clothes. As much as I love cute stuff, I can't make myself shop. I always wonder why I should spend so much for something I'm going to sweat in. Then I get home and am unhappy with my workout ensembles. Gah! I'll have to tag along with you to Marshall's someday. :D

  14. I know that sweater would of been your Top 5 this week. Rest up.....

  15. Ahhhhhh Marshalls! Lisa you gotta be careful in there ;-) Oy, oy, oy I go in for one thing and then come out with 242864287468 things LOL

  16. Having great workout clothes really helps me stay motivated.
    I would really like to try yoga...I'm thinking of renting a video to try it out.
    Got any suggestions?