Thursday, February 19, 2009

Non-Running Thursday

As I mentioned Tuesday, I decided not to run today. Instead, I simply did my yoga, plus some core, and extra stretching. All of that felt fairly good; I think my body appreciated it.

In trying to diagnose myself, I found and article on Hamstring Tendonitis on The Injured Runner that includes this description:

"Hamstring Tendonitis is a pain that is felt on and just below the boney part of your butt that you sit on. The hamstring tendon attaches to this bone and can become painful. I have seen this develop after a runner stumbles and catches them self from falling forward. The hamstrings tighten to prevent the trunk from falling forward and may result in a pulled tendon in this area."

Yep, that's where it hurts, and that's how I did it! I'm still not sure how long to expect it to take to heal completely.

Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to meet with Trainer Guy at the gym. As always, I'm looking forward to that.

-------------- For Women Only ----------------

In an attempt to deal with this whole perimenopause thing, I have added two new supplements to my diet: 20g soy protein and calcium+magnesium+zinc. Will give it a month and let you know if there are any noteable improvements. [Edit to add: This is in addition to a high quality Fish Oil and Evening Primrose Oil that I recently started taking as well]

The most eye opening thing that I've learned in the past few months is how many different body functions are affected by hormones. It is beginning to make sense to me that the hormonal imbalance that naturally occurs during the aging process would therefore wreak total havoc on the body. The heart arrythmia that mysteriously presented itself in the past year is apparently a fairly common symptom. Who knew?!?!


  1. Glad you have some idea what is going on with your injury.

    And I hear you on the perimenopause thing. I was just talking to my mom about it because my emotions are no longer on the typical pms cycle. I'm finding myself much more emotional around the time of ovulation now. Fun.for.all. My mom told me she was such a mess that my dad could do no right. Eventually she figured out it was hormonal and they just held on for the ride.

    I've also just started taking a cal/mad supplement and vitamin d to see if I can mellow out the hormonal stuff. I'll be interested to compare notes in a month or so.

  2. Now that you've figured out what is probably going on, you'll be able to treat it and get better faster.

    I'll be in the perimenopausal stage soon enough. I hate that hormones can have so much influence on us! I hope your new supplements are beneficial for you.

  3. Glad I hopped over and read your blog today (the perimenopausal part inparticular). Then I checked your profile and saw we're the same age. I'm curious to know how those supplements affect you. I feel like 44 is too young for all these changes but I guess not! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  4. isn't it great to be able to self-diagnose with the wonders of the net! Glad you have an idea of what's going on! Keep recovering. :)

  5. As part of the Zone diet that I've been following, Dr. Sears suggests high doses of high quality fish oil (Omega-3) to reduce internal inflammation and to help balance the hormonal cascades. The diet and the fish oil together keep insulin and other hormones steady while lowering internal (visceral?) fat which also helps with the hormonal balance. I've only been really steady with it for about 6 weeks - but this cycle was the best one I've had in seven months. I'll be interested to hear more about how your new supplements affect you. Thanks again for starting this conversation!

  6. I hope that hamstring heals up quick :-)

    Keep us updated on the supplements. I'm curious to know how it goes.

  7. Well you read my blog on my hormone journey I think. I am now on hormones and am cautiously optimistic. I have some great books on the subjest too if you want the names of them. Never understimate the power of hormones!

  8. Well, that's good news!! (that you have an idea what is wrong!) Learning new stuff is fun :-)

  9. Hope the hammy tendonitis gets better. Hope you had a good workout this morning.

  10. Wow I had no idea heart arrythmia could be tied to perimenopause!

    Nice job with the workouts today.

  11. hope that hammy feels better soon! that sounds painful :(

    definitely keep us updated on the supplements. i take a magnesium supplement after hard workouts because it really helps with sore muscles.

  12. I hope you feel better girlie!!

    Good luck with the supplements too!!!

  13. I always feel relieved to have a 'diagnosis' - here's hoping for speedy healing.

    Good luck with the supplements. I admire your taking charge of your health.

  14. Sounds like you're really taking care of your own health. Good for you. We really have to be our own advocate about that kind of stuff.

  15. Good luck with the hammy! I'm also a big fan of self diagnose and treatment!