Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Three


Since I signed up for the in August and mentioned that more cycling was one of my plans for this month, Husband went ahead and signed us up to ride in the Tour de Cure which is in 4 weeks.  We're only doing the quarter century distance, but it will get us out on the bikes.  Should be fun.

In addition, I met my running partner at the trail head for an easy cycling path (aka - flat) after work on Monday and we went for a ride.  We didn't go particularly fast or far, but we rode and that's a good first step. I enjoyed it; she enjoyed it; I think there is more of this in our future.


I was feeling either brave or stupid earlier this week and went ahead and planted my veggie garden.  It's a fenced-in 18'x24' area.  About one half is planted from seed, the other half from plants.  Anyway, checked on the little tomato transplants yesterday and the leaves are turning white.  I'm fairly certain that's sunburn!  I realized now that I skipped a step.  These little tomatoes were raised indoors and I forgot to 'harden' them by putting them outside in a partly sunny area for a few days before sticking them out in the sunny garden.  I hope they survive.

Yesterday afternoon I took my cats to the vet.  The older one has lost a bit of weight and has flaky skin. They needed to take blood to see if they can determine what is wrong with him.  He went all pyscho kitty on me when they did this.  He ended up in a little kitty straight jacket with a vet tech holding him down while the vet tried to get the blood sample  Vet said this extreme reaction was most likely another sign that he isn't feeling well.  Expecting results this morning.  Leading suspect is a thyroid problem, but we'll see. [Update:  His test results all came back normal.  Which I guess is good, but it also means that we don't know what's causing the weight loss, etc.  Hmmmm]


  1. Yay for getting your cycling on, good for you! Our winter is coming fast now so gardening is mostly over for a few months. Our one cat is always psycho like that as well.

  2. Oh poor kitty, I hope all is ok. I'm in the hardening off process with my seedlings as well. Had a real problem with the peppers last year. They like it hot. :)

  3. I hope your cat is okay! I'm a bit envious of your cycling plans. I'm really wishing I had a bike right about now, but it doesn't seem worth it to invest until I get back from my summer travels.

    1. I thought you had a bike already. Did you not take it with you to Alaska?

  4. Oh no! Poor kitty! I hope y'all figure out what is going on with him! YAY for gardening! I would love to have one some day. The idea of growing my own veggies is very appealing to me!

  5. I got faked out last year and planted too early. I'll be more patient this year.

  6. I love it when I remember how much I enjoy cycling :) Have fun!

  7. Poor kitty! Hope he gets better.

  8. Oh no, poor little kitty. I hope he's OK. We're having a mystery problem with our big dog too. So frustrating! We just want them to be well!!

    Yay for getting back into training. :)