Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five

  1. SOLD OUT:  The Run for the Zoo is sold out! I've been registered for quite some time, so it's no big deal to me.  However, this is a large, popular event in Albuquerque and I'm sure there are some folks who waited too long and will now be disappointed.  Events hardly ever sell out here.
  2. UNDIE RUN:  Last night, Daughter joined Husband & I for an Isotopes Game on a chilly evening  It was great to have her there.  She had to leave early though because she was participating in an Undie Run at 9pm.  I had never heard of this before and had to look it up.  Let me just say, whoever thought this up is brilliant.  They are apparently popular at college campuses.  The students run in their underwear, after stripping off new or gently used clothing to be donated to a local homeless shelter.  It's perfect for college kids needing to to blow off steam on a Thursday night the week before finals!  And apparently, it was quite a success despite being a rather chilly evening. 
  3. SHORT RUN:  This morning I met with a friend for what should have been a 5 mile run.  She started feeling nauseous at about 2 miles in, so we turned early and walked for a bit.  I wasn't too surprised, because she told me she wasn't feeling well the day before either.  At least we got out there.
  4. TRI TRAINING:  Now that I've signed up for the, I'm getting serious about putting a triathlon focused training plan together. Stay tuned!
  5. HALF-N-HALF HAIR:  It has been 49 weeks since I last colored my hair.  I still have over a year to go before the grey is fully grown in given my current hair style (shoulder length bob).  This is a long, painstaking, process.  Right now is probably the worst stage, half-n-half hair.  Bleh.


  1. The Run for the Zoo sounds like fun! Undie Run...never heard of it but it sounds hilarious! I don't think your hair looks bad at all! :0) Have a great weekend!

  2. At my son's college they did a naked run. Yup! Police there and everything but they did it. Never went to cheer.

  3. Those undie runs are becoming quite popular. Not quite my bag. ;)

  4. Here if we are late we risk not to find the swag. The organization is always "so kind" to accept our fee for only the bib.
    Undie runs are not popular in Italy.
    Good luck on the try.

  5. Love the hair.
    Yay for all the race sign-ups.
    Giggling about the undie run.