Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Stuff

Looking over this past week, my running plus fitness walking mileage isn't bad.
  • Sun:  1.0 walk
  • Mon: 1.5 walk + chiro appt with focus on IT band/knee issues
  • Tue: 4.8 run, 0.5 walk
  • Wed: 1.5 walk
  • Thu: 3.4 run, 1.0 walk
  • Fri: 3.5 run, 2.8 walk 
  • Sat: 7.7 run, 0.5 walk
That adds up to 19.4 miles running plus 8.8 miles fitness walking for a grand total of 28.2 miles by feet. Woohoo!!  Not a bad week.  And of course, the best part is that my knee is behaving.  I think walking, stretching, and having the chiro work on my IT band is helping.  Plus running only on dirt and avoiding hills.  It isn't a recipe for fast racing, but it does seem to be a combination that is keeping me running without pain.

Side note, sometimes I find running to be, at best, calorie neutral. Why?  Well, here's an example. This morning my running partner and I ended up on the topic of baking while we were running.  I ended up stopping at the store for some blueberries and the next thing I know I'm making over-sized blueberry muffins with a cinnamon crumb topping.  I wouldn't doubt it if I undid the caloric benefit from running by consuming a few muffins. Oh well.  What can I say? I like baking!

How was the past week for you?  And are you baking anything yummy?


  1. You had a GREAT week! Yay! Those muffins sound delicious! I didn't get brave and try anything new this week...

  2. what a great week, my knees have been bothering me too. making it really hard to run.

  3. a boiled fruit cake :)
    Life's about pleasure as well as discipline, so bake away, darl!

  4. I think you're doing great! Last week was tough because I hurt my shoulder and it bothered me when I ran. I ended up with a good 5k race yesterday though. Trying not to bake because I'm trying to stay away from sugar. That said, I baked brownies. Ha!

  5. GREAT week!!! :)
    Um... yes please for the blueberry muffins with crum top coating!! sounds delicious! I completely understand cuz I do the same thing! lol... just last week I made hummingbird muffins and ate like 2 a day lol ;)