Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sept Tally


  • 15 Travel Days
  • 40.5 miles run
  • 67.1 miles walked
  • 1 race (15K)
  • 11 days ill
  • 0 days working


  • Overall, a great month except for getting sick.  
  • I got some decent running volume in given that I was gone half the month. I also did a *lot* of walking.  I didn't even capture it all!


  • Sabbatical is over and I'm back to work.  I need to transition back to work and get reengaged in meaningful projects.
  • One thing that may not be evident from the numbers is that my knee is bothering me again.  It's been about 10 months since I got injections, that's not bad.  Going back to the orthopedic on Nov 9th and hope to get started on injections again by about Thanksgiving.  The plan between now and then is to run until/unless my knee bothers me too much.  It seems to be okay on flat dirt surfaces, so that's what I'm running on.
  • Planning to sign up for Duke City 10K this weekend. The race in in about 2.5 weeks.


  1. I hope the knee gets better

    Good luck at Duke City

  2. Boo on back to work. Any hope that your knee will not be chronic?

  3. I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with your knee and I hope you get some answers soon.

    I am jealous of your sabbatical

  4. I'm glad to see that ultimately your travel days outnumbered the days you were sick. I hope the knee troubles ease up soon!

  5. Hope the knee gets better soon

  6. I am sorry for your knee, I hope that the shots work.
    I got 4 shots few months ago and I didn't feel pain anymore.
    Good luck on the 10 km.

  7. Oh no, sorry about the knee. I hope it holds up for the upcoming race!