Sunday, October 21, 2012

Duke City 10K Race Report

The Good

  • Ran this race with my two favorite runners: my running partner & my husband.
  • Started and finished the race next to my running partner.  
  • The technical long sleeve shirt is pretty nice.
  • For once, I didn't go out too fast or slow down too much over time.  Ran fairly steady.
  • My Garmin says I ran a 9:44 pace.  
  • Husband did better than he expected this morning.
  • Finished 10 of 40 in my Age Group.
  • By all counts, a achieved a 10K PR!  So did my running partner!

The Bad

  • My running partner had to stop and use the port-a-potties about 2 miles in.  It took awhile for her to catch back up to me, but she did.  I didn't like running those middle miles without her.  
  • It was really crowded at the beginning.
  • It was pretty crowded in the middle too.  For part of it we were running on a narrow path and I had to go off the path and run on dirt to get around some folks that were blocking in front of me.  
  • My running group had a relay team doing the full marathon, but we didn't see any of them.  
  • My official time seems messed up.  I stopped my Garmin at 01:01:20, but I was fairly sure it was closer to 01:01:15 when I crossed the line (I didn't stop to turn it off right away).  My running partner, who started and finished next to me has an official time of 01:01:16, mine is listed at 01:01:32?!?!  Only thing I can figure is that my chip didn't register when we crossed the start line and hers did.  16 sec is about how long it took from gun to start. For what it's worth, I'm recording it as 01:01:16 on my sidebar, because I know how fast I ran and if I want to aim for a *new* PB after today, that is the time I need to beat, not 01:01:32!

The Ugly

  • My mood.  I went from elated to have a PB to ticked off that my official time seems messed up. For some reason those 16 extra seconds are *really* bug me and I'm having a hard time shaking it.


  1. Congrats on the PR! That's really strange about the chip time discrepancy.

  2. I wouldn't like the discrepancy either. Hope it gets straightened out.

  3. That is weird that you had the timing discrepancy. But try not to let it ruin the feeling of running a great race!

  4. Congrats on the new PR. I wouldnt worry too much about the discrepancy since you know your real time.

  5. I agree, stick with the time you tracked yourself. I've had races screw mine up before too.

  6. Congratulations! Great run and great time! I run too slow to be worried about the time they give me. We don't have chip timing anyway and only gun time.

  7. I totally understand your mood! I once ran a half marathon PR and it was my first sub 2 hour, but they only posted the gun time and not chip time. My gun time was 2 hours and 2 seconds. I was freaking out!! I sent them an email and they also uploaded the chip times and I had my 1:59:57 in black and white. For me it was important to have it official, so nobody can claim I cheated. Congrats on your PR!!

  8. Email the RD and see what's going on !

    Great race :)

  9. Congrats on the PR! Your watch doesn't lie. :)