Sunday, October 7, 2012

My 15 Sec of Fame

While I was in Italy, I got several emails from friends asking if I had seen the latest issue of our local fitness magazine; apparently my photo was in it. Well, someone saved one for me.

My 15 sec of fame consists of a "see-me-orange" shirt with crazy arm warmers and a totally cheesy pose while everyone else is beaming sincere smiles.

Because, you know, I'm classy like that.


  1. Nice! I'm also featuring in one of our running magazines this month. They used a photo of me with an article of a race I ran.

  2. Love it!! Your pose is the best one, the rest looks very serious :)

  3. May I say that I am the proud friend of a famous runner?

  4. My monitor isn't that big, is that a person???/// LOL.