Friday, July 20, 2012

Week so far

I took Monday as a rest day after the 5K race / 28 mi bike ride on Sunday.

On Tuesday, our running group met up with the Hot Chocolate folks.  They were still in the area promoting the race and sponsored a "fun run" Tuesday.  If these guys come to your area doing the same, seek them out!  They served up chocolate smoothies, had music, and gave away two free entries to the race, & gave away about a half-dozen hats.  It was a lot of fun!!  They took this photo of the those of us who stuck around afterwards.

Is my yellow shirt bright enough?  Ha!

Then on Wednesday, we ran again.   At that time my running partner & I devised the following plan for the rest of the week:

Plan A:  Swim Thursday evening, Long Run Friday morning, Short Run Saturday morning.

Looks good, right?  But she texted me Thursday afternoon to say that she couldn't meet to swim that day after all. Could we swim Friday after running instead?   Resulting in:

Plan B: Rest Thursday, Long Run Friday morning followed by Short Swim, Short Run Saturday morning.

Okay, that seemed reasonable.  After all, we *are* training for a triathlon (which is only 6 weeks away, eek!) so a run-swim workout makes a lot of sense.

We met Friday early morning for the long run and both had remembered to bring our swim stuff.  About two miles into our run, she said that she just wasn't feeling the run today, could we possibly cut it short?  I figured that would work, we could just push the long run out until tomorrow.  So that left us with a new plan:

Plan C:  Rest Thursday, Short Run Friday morning followed by Short Swim, Long Run Saturday morning.  

We ended up cutting our run short at 5 miles which was fine with me.  The big question was, would we actually get to the pool and swim this time?!?  By golly, yes we did! I'm happy to say that I managed an 8:50 400 even though it was my first time in the pool since December.  I've always thought that the phrase "it's just like riding a bike" is a bit deceiving (bike riding isn't so easy when you take a long break), instead it should be "it's just like swimming laps."  

While I was there, I bought a 15 visit punch pass (good for 3 months) to try to FORCE myself to get to the pool.  After all, I need to be my money's worth, right??  

Now the only question is: will we actually do the long run tomorrow or will be be onto Plan D?  Guess I need to wait until tomorrow morning to find out...

[updated to add:  Yes, we *did* do our long run on Saturday morning.  Plan C for the win!]


  1. LOL, you used the phrase 'by golly'............

  2. Smiling at TNTcoach Ken's comment. We use "by golly" very often! You are on the right track with your tri training. Keep it going!

  3. Nice work in the pool! I bet you will go more frequently now that you've bought a punch pass that expires.

  4. Good job! So proud for adjusting the plan and not just quitting! Sometimes life comes in the way, but the most important part is to always make the best out of it and you truly did. Awesome!!

  5. I'm all about being flexible! nice work.