Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan Totals

  • 64.7 miles by feet (47.2 miles running, 17.5 miles walking)
  • 28 yoga sessions (or roughly 21 hours of yoga)
  • 4 trips up the hill
  • 12 days on antibiotics
  • Man, that was lot of yoga. The yoga numbers will drop as I switch my focus to half-marathon training, but I should keep at it even at a reduced frequency.
  • Half marathon training got off to a good start. Actually, since I changed my target race, I guess it got off to an early start (by two weeks). That just means I can get a few more long runs in before the race.
  • Being sick sucks, but I'm thankful that it really didn't slow me down too much.
Plans for Feb
  • Yoga 3x per week
  • Sweetheart 5K Run
  • Continue half-marathon training