Saturday, January 8, 2011


This morning I joined my marathon training friends for their final long run before the Rock-n-Roll next weekend in Arizona. Although I was a late entrant, I decided to dedicate 3.1 miles of the 5.2 miles that I ran to The Boring Runner's Freeze Your Thorns Off (FYTO) Virtual Race.

Thankfully, It wasn't quite as cold as last weekend, today it was about 31deg when I started. A fitting temp for a 3.1mi race, no?

My marathon runners were doing 12 miles today. They devised a T-shaped route where I could walk out about 1.2 miles to meet them, then run their final 5 miles or so with them. Although this was a virtual 'race', my pace was determined by my friends. They must have been feeling pretty good, because my Garmin says it took me about 33:47 to run 3.1 miles. That's a 10:54 pace, which is a good 25sec/mile faster than what we've been running on these long runs lately. [edited to correct overall pace]

Speaking of my Garmin, does anyone know if it is possible to replace the battery on a forerunner 205 or if I should just give up and buy a new Garmin? I've had this one for about 4 years, and lately the charge only lasts about an hour anymore.

Finally, I'm going to list my activities starting on the 1st for Move Every Day (MED). In the future I'm going to try to list this out at the end of each week or so. It's worth mentioning that the kundalin yoga sessions that I do have a lot of movement and are generally 35-50min in duration. I started with the goal of doing it 3x per week, you'll notice that I've done it almost every day and twice on a few days. I think I'll up my goal to 5x week yoga until the weather warms up and I can resume my normal morning walks.

sun: yoga
sat: yoga, 7mi run, yoga
mon: yoga x2 (am & pm)
tue: yoga x2 (am & pm)
wed: 2 mi run, 1 mi walk
thu: yoga
fri: yoga
sat: yoga, 1.2 mi walk, 5.2 mi run


  1. Perfect temperature. What are the chances?

  2. Yay! You're a busy, active little bee. I love it! ;)

  3. Great workout! I think you deserve some of the credit when your friends do well at RnR Arizona :)

    I'm not positive, but I think chances of being able to replace the battery on the 205 are slim. You might be able to ship it to Garmin, but it might not be worth the cost. I just bought a 305 for my wife for $99 (with heart rate monitor) for Christmas. That could be the cheaper route.

    Good luck!

  4. nice work speedy. you can't change the battery on the 205 or 305. You might need to send it back to Garmin, but I think it would be worth while getting a new one like the 210 or the 305...

  5. Good job on the FYTO 5k, Lisa!

    I'm envious of your time ... all I did was a 42:43. Good to know you ran in the cold ... it make me feel less stupid about my run.

  6. Great job on your 5K. You beat me by 7 or 8 minutes!

  7. Great job!!!!! Good luck this next weekend, if you're going to the expo on Saturday, come find me in the Brooks booth! :)

    By the way... adding you to the "final" list now! :)

  8. I like the MED - I accepted The Penguin's 100 day challenge (move every day for at least 30 minutes). So far I have.

    Good luck and keeping movin'.

  9. I think you can ship the 205 to Garmin and they'll replace the battery, but I don't know what they charge for that. It may be less expensive to just buy a new one, which is kinda sad.

  10. Try calling Garmin. I think one of my friends sent her 305 in for a replacement of a part and it wasn't that bad. :)

    Good luck on "keep moving." :)

  11. That happened to my 305 too. I have a 310XT now and it holds a charge FOREVER!

    Geez it seems like it is really cold everywhere this winter...

  12. Good workout.
    The same thing happened to my Garmin. I emailed Garmin and they gave me instructions for a reset. That's all it took. So go to the Garmin site and let them know and they will send instructions you can try before taking the jump to a new Garmin.
    Also - I find my Garmin won't hold the charge as long in the very cold weather. I have to make sure it's on my arm. Guess it's somewhat of a whimp - it has to stay warm under my sleeve in order to do it's job. :)

  13. A lot of yoga! I don't know if you can change the battery but I think it would be better to buy a new Garmin: the latest are very good and easy to "handle", moreover they find immediately the satellites.
    Good luck on "keep moving".

  14. Not sure about changing the battery in your 205, it isn't for the faint of heart though. Here is what the interior looks like:

    I think you can send it back to Garmin, but not sure the cost.

  15. Sorry that I am just now getting to comment on this...

    Congrats on the run! And good luck on the run this weekend. If you are going to the expo tomorrow, come see me in the brooks booth!