Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov Tally

[Updated totals for the 30th - So much for not being a weather wimp, this morning was "15deg feels like 5" and I chalked up weather wimp day #3 for the month.]


89.6 miles by feet ( 48.3 running, 31.1 walking)
12 trips up the hill (3 running, 9 walking)
9 rest days (4 planned, 5 unplanned)
1 race (supposed to be a 5K, ended up more like 6K)
2 long runs with marathon-training-runner-friends


Those are pretty good numbers for me, especially given the bitter cold mornings (low 20s, sometimes with 20mph winds) that we've been experiencing. I'm happy to say that while I don't love cold weather, I've been sucking it up and going outside anyway. Only three of my unplanned rest days were due to me being a weather wimp. Running on a treadmill just isn't an option that I'm willing to entertain at this point.

Plans for December

Jingle Bell run next weekend.
Conquer the hill by running to the top without stopping.
Don't be a weather wimp; keep going outside!
Survive holiday parties without compromise.
Enjoy Son's winter break (he'll be home in 18 days, but who's counting?!).


  1. Excellent numbers for the month!

    You're brave tackling the cold + wind in the morning... pretty sure I am retired from mornings until spring. :)

    Sounds like December will be great!!

  2. Great stats for November. Way to tackle that hill. I need to work on that!

  3. I like those numbers! 31 miles walking is HUGE! I intend to run OUTSIDE through the winter as well. We'll see how this goes :-)

  4. Great job! You had an awesome month!! :0)

  5. Great job! You'll get that hill in December! Let me know how you survive the holiday parties.

  6. send me some of that suck it up and run in the cold, i need it. tks for the comment, yes i would prefer the visitor to show herself 42 i just don't think it is for our family

  7. Awesome job! I have been saying a lot of - just get out there - it will be a long winter if I start gripping now about the weather.

  8. Great month! It's so tough when it gets really cold and windy. But, it does feel good when you don't let the weather beat you.

  9. any stats are good in cold weather! sometimes i wimp out in low 40s... great november. good luck with december/holiday eating. i am nervous!

  10. Oohh it's been cold here...I bet for you guys as well!!! Nice job in November!!

  11. I can't imagine what your winters must be like. Good luck with your December plans. I have long miles planned but with the heat of our summer and the holidays it can get difficult to keep December goals.

  12. That's a solid November. These next few months are all about just getting out there - at any pace and any distance - just to keep moving for us Northerners.

  13. great numbers ... I'll wimp out soon ... to keep you company!

  14. THats alot of miles, impressive

    I am a weather wimp, I admit it

  15. Fantastic numbers! And I'm so impressed with you for running outside in the cold. I am a weather wimp for sure. Since I was so sick for a week after my last race, I haven't even tracked my stats in November at all. I should go tally them up.

  16. Cold weather has me inside waaay too often. I don't like pushing the jogging stroller in the wind!

    Army son will be home in 17 days...but who's counting? heehee