Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steady Run

My plans to run this morning were thwarted by an early morning work meeting. I ended up meeting two guys from my running group after work for a 4 "steady" run instead. My steady pace is supposed to be 10:30-10:50. Here's what happened:

mile 1 - 10:41
mile 2 - 10:37
mile 3 - 10:31
mile 4 - 9:44

The first three miles were bang on, but that last mile was a tad bit fast. I think we sped up because it was getting dark. That last mile wasn't exactly what was on my schedule, but it served as a nice confidence booster for the 10K on Sunday.

[edited to add...looked more closely at my Garmin data. We didn't really speed up until the last half mile which was actually at a 9:01 pace...that's faster than my 5K pace. Aye carumba! ]

Of course the downside of running tonight was that I didn't get to test my race outfit for Sunday. Which might not have been such a bad thing, since I haven't figured out what I'm wearing anyway. Hahahahaha.


  1. Good luck on Sunday! I think the 10k is a tough distance.

  2. My run group did the same thing last night...steady, steady and then busted it out for the last couple of km.
    ....for us we wanted to go home and eat dinner. :)

  3. nice negative split. I think sub-10 should be your steady now :-)

  4. Have a good weekend and have a lovely run on Sunday!

  5. Good luck and have fun!!!

    Test your race outfit? Is this a runner thing? Why do you test race outfits?

  6. Nice run with a great pick-up at the end! Good luck with the 10K.

  7. I love a little speed at the end of a run. Nice job.

    Good luck this weekend.