Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Seven

First off, thanks for all the responses to the questions I asked in my last post. We did end up getting thunderstorms Thursday evening, so I did my miles easy on Friday morning so as not to interfere with my "long" run this morning. I also went ahead and ordered compression sleeves. I'll let you know how I like them once I have some opportunities to try them out.

This morning I planned on joining one of my running partners for a seven mile run. He was scheduled for 12 miles and wanted to start closer to 7am. I was scheduled for seven miles and wanted to start closer to 8am. We found a perfect solution...he ran 5 solo and I joined him for the next 7.

This was a win-win in many ways. One of the benefits for me was that we agreed to meet close to the venue for my 10K next weekend and run a portion on the race course. It's going to be a fun race. I really enjoyed the single track section; it was awesome! The dirt levee road was kind of fun too. It benefited him as well. He seemed to be struggling for the last 4 miles or so, and I think I was able to help keep him motivated to run. It's always easier when you've got someone to pull you along.

Oh, and I've decided not to register for the RnR half-marathon in Phoenix. I just can't justify the expense for something that really doesn't fit well into my plans. Plus, while I'm happy about doing some running during the winter, the thought of following a training plan for a January half-marathon doesn't appeal to me right now.

Enjoy your weekend folks!


  1. I'm realy curious about the benefits of using compression sleeves. will wait for your review.

    enjoy your weekend =)

  2. Sounds like it turned out to be a great run for both of you! Good job getting it done!

  3. Nice! I miss having a running partner for some of my longer runs!

    I don't blame you at all for passing on the winter training.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I love running with a partner and would of done the same thing to make it work. My running group always has people running diffent distances with different paces. This means there will always be someone to run with:)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend Lisa!

  5. If only RnR races aren't that expensive. :(

    Sounds like a good run with a running partner. A shared burden is always better than a burden carried by one alone.

  6. Yes, I'd love to know how you like the compression sleeves. I didn't wear mine today and I'm having regrets.

  7. I don't often comment on my own posts, but it's worth mentioning that I felt TERRIFIC after the 7 mile run.

  8. That's a decision that shows how grown up you are. ;)

  9. Its starts off with the sleeves, then the socks, then the tights, next thing you know you will be wearing them under your clothes. Its crazy that way

  10. I'm curious about the compression sleeves...looking forward to hearing your opinion.

    Good job on the run...sounds like the perfect compromise :)