Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 10K Virtual Race Report

This weekend, my training scheduled called for the dreaded 7 mile run. You know, the one I was doubting myself about earlier this week. I had also signed up to participate in Running Diva Mom's Virtual 10/10/10 10K so I decided to run the first 6.2 miles faster than my usual slow run pace. Then take it easy on the remainder of the run.

This is the race bib that I designed for myself for the virtual race. I wore my cheetah/pink skirt and a grey with pink stitching sleeveless shirt. Had to color coordinate the bib with the run outfit, hence the color scheme. And I added a roadrunner because I live in New Mexico.

It was a chilly morning, maybe 46 deg when I woke up. But it warmed up to ~51 when the sun came up over the mountains and was expected to get up to ~55 while I was out running. Perfect running weather, if you ask me.

I couldn't have been happier with my run. I felt great at the turn point and was able to maintain a reasonable clip for the 10K portion of my run. My 10K time was 01:03:34, a pace of 10:14 (shoot, if I had run just a little faster, I could have hit a 10:10 cool would that have been?).

I'm quite pleased with that result. To be honest, if I can hit that time at my 10K race later this month, I will be very happy. Although I expect it to be slower due to the offroad nature of the race, and that is okay with me. :-)

I stopped for a walk/water break when I hit the 10K point. Then I finished up my run at a much easier pace (~11:30). Total mileage for the day was 7.1mi.

Thanks, Running Diva Mom for hosting the virtual race. It turned out to be just the confidence builder that I needed during my current 10K training.


  1. yeah, Lisa! I'm glad that you had fun with your 10K! thanks for participating. Mental toughness and confidence is HUGE -- you will do great at your "real" 10K. Good luck!

  2. We are obsessed about that 10:10 number on this 10/10/10 day!

    Sounds like a good race for you. And I like the bib. Love the colors.

  3. Love the colors on the bib! You are creative!

    Looks like we are obsessed with that 10.10.10 number !

  4. You're so clever! Great job on the run. ;)

  5. Oh 10:10 would've been SO COOL! HAHA but 10:14 is AWESOME! Go you.
    And you ran over 7 miles total - that's super!

    This weather rocks, doesn't it? I wish it would stay like this forever.

  6. Great run, well done! Often feeling down/bad/tired is followed by a good run. You'll have a great 10k race. Have a good week!

  7. Great race bib! Good luck in your next 10k. I think it's a tough distance.

  8. congrats on the 10k! very creative bib - the roadrunner is my fav part

  9. Way to go Lisa! Nice work....I love those confidence building runs:) You are going to do fantastic with your upcoming 10K! Go Lisa!

  10. Great job on the 10k and your bib is really nice!