Wednesday, December 23, 2009

mid-week ramblings

1) Woke up to this sight - a slighly white Christmas Eve Eve! It's supposed to snow a bit more today...exciting stuff.
2) Is it wrong, when shopping for an upcoming bride/groom, to find something on the registry that you want for yourself? 'Cuz that's what I did. Fear not, got the bride and groom some nice stuff from their registry. But one of the items - anchor hocking mixing bowls that are also oven safe - caught my attention. Could not get it off my mind. We could really use those. Especially for Christmas. So I went back later and bought it for myself!

3) I really need to make a trip to the recycling center. Should have gone on Saturday, but my back was acting up. Thought about going today, but the news is reporting closed icy roads. Cautioning to drive only if necessary. Maybe tomorrow.

4) Ditto for running.

5) I've been looking for a local January race to kick-start 2010. May have found one that will work for me on Jan 17th.


  1. My wife says it isn't Christmas season until, while shopping for others, I buy something for me that she has already bought as a present for me. So, not only is it not wrong but it can even be considered encouraged!

    Have a merry.

  2. Smart bride to pick something so practical.. This time of year is soooo fine to buy youself something.

    Good luck with the snow and ice. Wont be a white Christmas in Seattle :(

  3. This is why I don't let Dee Dee go shopping unsupervised ;-)

  4. wow! be safe in those icy conditions! Yes, I always do that when shopping.... not good! Awesome news about a race!

  5. Ha! I shopped from a registry this morning and ended up buying something for my husband that was on the bride & groom's list! Too funny. I guess it happens!

    That's cool that you found a potential race in Jan.

  6. I thought it was mandatory to buy something for yourself when out Christmas shopping for others!

    Take care when you are out in that inclement weather!

  7. Great that you found something you need too.

    Enjoy the wintry weather! We are getting ice and snow for Christmas this year! It's going to be fun.

  8. I'd totally do the same thing.

    Lovely picture!

    MCM Mama

  9. I love the pic, even though i hate snow

  10. Lisa, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and keep up the running in 2010! :-)

  11. I always find stuff for myself while shopping for others! :) At least those sound practical, unlike some of the things I've purchased.

    That snowscape is gorgeous! Enjoy the weather!

  12. If I'm shopping for someone else, whether it's a wdding gift, a baby gift or a gift for my brother with whom I have NOTHING in common, I can always find something I want for myself....