Sunday, August 19, 2007


On Naming the Blog:
Appreciate all the feedback on renaming my blog. I don't want to steal someone else's blog name, so I think Chasing Rabbits is out, but I'm leaning toward something similar, Chasin' Bunnies. There is a secondary meaning with that phrase...

The Cyst Situation:
Had a pelvic ultrasound on Friday to take a look at the cyst. The right ovary shows just a tiny little bubble on it at this point. The technician thinks that the painful cyst ruptured and this is all that is remaining. Sounds reasonable to me, as I went from excutiating pain to basically no pain practically overnight. The bad news is that the ultrasound showed a cyst on the left side as well.

Sittin' in the Saddle:
I have done a lot of bike riding this weekend; probably ~80miles total, possibly more. That is a lot for me. It included about 15miles testing my new bike before I bought it and another 35miles after I brought it home. New bike deserves a post of its own, so stay tuned for more detail sometime this week when I have more energy to post about it.

Legs Veto Long Run:
For my long run this morning, I took Bandit with me to chase bunnies up a hill and back for a total of 2 miles. I returned him to home, picked up my hydration belt, and ran up the hill again and back...2 more miles. Then I decided to run to a point that is 3 miles from home...that takes me to 7 miles. I figured, just another half mile out before turning around and I'd get in a good 11 miles today.

However, on the return trip, my legs demanded that we stop at mile 8. Done. Finshed. Kaput. Husband bailed me out by car so I didn't have to be late for church.

Too Much of a Good Thing?
So, what went wrong? I don't think it was a nutrition issue. I really didn't bonk, my legs just hurt too much to keep going. I'm thinking that I basically over did it this weekend on the bike. At my current fitness level, it was not a good idea to bike so much two days in a row (Fri and Sat) and then try to follow it up with a long run Sunday morning. Live and learn. I shall rest tomorrow.


  1. I'm thinking that I basically over did it this weekend on the bike.

    Oh yea! Good enuf excuse for me :-)

  2. Good luck deciding on the name change. Sounds like a productive week on the bike. Well done!

  3. I would say 80 miles is something! I know when I've done that, my legs are dead. Completely. Running is possible, but it feels like an out-of-body experience. You will feel some extra strength in the next few weeks though! Rest up and can't wait to read about your new bike!!

  4. Whenever I increased my long run distance, my legs always hurt at first. Then I rest and do it again the next week, and guess what, no pain. I'm guessing it will be the same for you. Take some ibuprofin soon.

  5. 80 miles in a car is long for me, so 80 miles on a BIKE is definitely a long way to go hehe.

  6. Great job on the 80 miles. Give yourself a break on the run.

    I love Chasing Bunnies. Dakota my dog does that also.

  7. 80 miles! That's...umm... nearly 130km! You are a machine, woman!
    Boo to cysts :(

  8. With all of the riding you did, I can certainly see why your legs were crying for mercy. Great job none the less.

  9. Wowee, 80+ miles on the bike.. Giving the new bike a good breakin in.

    Great job..

    Your kickin some awesome mileage out there.

  10. Sounds like alot of biking unless you are up to that kind of mileage on a normal basis.

    Good luck with the cysts, we'll add you to our prayer list.

    Thanks for stopping by so early this morning.

  11. Yep - your body spoke to ya. Good thing you stopped. And I love hubbas who come pick us up! I have one of those, too!
    The old saying NoPain, NoGain just seems silly to me.
    Now you can get back in the saddle sooner rather than after a injury recovery period!

  12. 80 miles...whew...that is a ton!! Great job and way to listen to your body!!

  13. I don't know what to tell you besides the fact that we have good runs and not so good!

    You were hot on the bike, though!

  14. Wow 80 miles! That's impressive, and probably does explain why the legs bonked. Still what an awesome workout weekend.

  15. Hi Lisa,

    Some wise tri coaches advised me to separate long bike from long run and it worked well. Thurs became long run and Sat and Sun were bike days.

    and then some days, we are just plain tired. ;-)

  16. 80 MILES! WOW!

    Yea, I think that I would not be moving for a while if I rode 80 miles!

    Take Care