Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ten happy things

I am feeling a LOT better today. And things are just good. Here's a quick list of ten happy things.

1) I have a new IPOD shuffle. I kept wanting one but wouldn't buy it. I wanted to win one somehow. Well, we finally got one as a gift for opening a new account, which we wanted to do anyway. Booyah!
2) Son loaded up my shuffle with a selection of music to help with half-marathon training. Tested it out this morning on my 10 mile run. The shuffle ROCKS.

3) Yes, boys and girls, you read that right. I completed a 10 mile run this morning. This is awesome on many fronts. First, I am feeling a lot better with regard to that whole cyst thing. Second, today was my longest run ever and I really didn't expect to be able to go that far given my physical condition earlier this week. Third, I'm feeling more confident about my ability to actually complete the half-marathon after the run today.

4) The Park Party was a lot of fun. Son & I won the three-legged race. All we won was bragging rights, so I'm using them now. LOL

5) I have a comfy new seat and pedals on their way thanks to a decent sale at I'm going to be ready when I get around to buying my new bike. I'm leaning toward a full carbon road bike. Maybe I'll make a final decision next weekend.
6) I also bought Husband a pair of bike shorts, which I think he will appreciate. I hope that will make it easier to talk him into going on longer rides with me. His only complaint from Saturday was a sore rear.

7) I'm really liking Accelerade. Primarily, I notice improvement in recovery since I've started using it.
8) Husband made tiramusu from scratch last night. Yummmmmm. It doesn't quite match the theme of the other items on my list, but life isn't just about training!!

9) My new fuel belt is working okay. It has four 6oz (I think a little more fits in there) bottles on it to spread the weight around. It's comfortable and I think this will be okay for half marathon training and the half marathon itself. I'll still need to stop at aid stations for some extra hydration. Today I made a quick stop home after mile 8, ditched the belt, and picked up my dog for two more miles. When I go further, I'll do roughly the same thing, picking the belt back up after dropping off the dog.
10) I need to clean and lube my chain. The fact that I know how to do this makes me happy. I also like it when it's all clean and pretty. So I'm looking forward to it.
There ya' have it. After a cruddy week and some disappointment, I've perked back up and am all smiley and happy again.


  1. I can just "hear" you smiling in your words! I am so glad you feel better!! Your last one is great, I need to learn how to do my own stuff like that!

  2. Is it the little shuffle with the built-in clip? Oh, I love mine. I heart it madly. I won't run without it. It's tragic that we aren't allowed to take them on runs in triathlons. Tragic, I telll you.

  3. 10 MILES! Well done!
    And a race victory - three legged-or not.

  4. TEN MILES!!! Wow! You'll definitely be able to do that half-marathon! I need to start running with my mp3 player again. It's cheapo - doesn't fit many songs - but I enjoyed it when I was using it. What songs do you have that you like running to?

  5. Great run Lisa :o) Glad you're feeling on top of the world :o) You go grrrllll :o)

  6. I know I say this all the time :P but I love how cute you are!

    I'm going to bring my belt to the HM too. I think I'd feel naked without it LOL

  7. WaaaWee, 10 mile run. I know you will do just fine at the Half Mary race...

    I like the list, especially buying stuff from my favorite bike shop..
    And learning to do some bike mechanic stuff on your own, great job...

  8. You perked back up in fine style :-) Good for you! Dee Dee knows how to lube and oil her chain. I need to get her to show me, and then I'll be happy too :-)

  9. Glad to hear you are feeling better and a 10 mile run is awesome! I hope to catch up on the mileage with you soon, but I'm guessing you will be way ahead of me.
    I recently cleaned my new bike (for the first time I'm ashamed to admit). I HATE cleaning the chain. It ranks right up there with hated chores to do, like folding clothes. I took it to the car wash, put degreaser on the chain, moved it through the gears, used the tire cleaner option, cleaned it up and did a quick rinse, all for $1.50. There wasn't any grease or dirt left. By the time I got it home, it was dry enough to reoil the chain. Problem for me solved!

  10. Glad to hear things are looking up!!

  11. Great job with the 10-miler!!

    It sounds like you have made a fantastic rebound from last week. Great job! Attitude is everything and it sounds like yours is making all the difference.

  12. Glad you are back and 10 miles --awesome job.

  13. what a great comeback. I remember talking my husband into his first pair of bike shorts too...yours will never go back after he tries them on.

  14. It is good to hear you sounding so happy! Good job on the 10 miler. I love my iPod... and I use it during races too.

  15. Great news on the 10 miler. That's huge! If you can go 10 miles then you can go 13.1. You're on your way.