Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

If you follow my blog, you know that I gave up coffee for Lent. As of today, I can drink coffee again and be right with God. But I chose not to this morning. Yet another thing to be thankful for; I am no longer a slave to caffeine. We'll see how long this lasts...

We had nice weather today after yesterday's snow/sleet fiasco. I once again attempted my "1:25 or 7miles whichever comes first" out-and-back run. This time I had success.

These are my splits in half mile increments. You see a marked slow down at mile 4. I really dropped the pace at the turn point from slow to slower. The whole thing was slow-n-steady, but I kicked it up a notch at the end to finish strong. It felt good and was a confidence booster. I intend to try this again next weekend and will push harder for a better result.

To shamelessly steal something I read from RunBubbaRun and then put in a whole other context - You finish, you win - and I won today (By the way, please drop by and leave Dennis some comment love - he's doing a 50miler next weekend!! WootWoot!!).

I can't end my Easter post without giving a shout-out to Jesus. I run not because of what I can do for myself, but what He has done for me.


  1. I forgot you gave up coffee for Lent. Wow, I am seriously impressed. I only drink 1 cup a day, but I have GOT to have that 1 cup.

    Nice run and yes, slow is fine. I really like that, "You finish, you win" That's good.

  2. Nice - welcome back to the world of coffee!

    Nice finish - I've always been told that's where real toughness shows up!!

  3. Happy easter (be-lated).

    Don't worry, I stole that phrase from an ULtra running book I was reading.

    Great job on the run, but like you I'm still a slave to caffeine.

    Giving up sweets did help me out thou..I didn't miss it to much..

    ps. thanks for the shoutout..

  4. Nice run, Lisa! I like to think that anyone who straps on their shoes and walks out the door is a winner, but that's just me.

  5. Thanks for the reminder of what Easter is about :)

  6. Nice run! Hope you had a great Easter.

  7. Hey Lisa, I just wanted to let you know I followed you here from leaving a GREAT quote on RunBubba's site. I loved it. Nice blog! :)

  8. Why go without coffee?

    If we run together, you are probably the one who will have to slow down. Especially if we chat.
    Especially if you want me to say something intellgible, he, he.

  9. Talk about a strong finish. Great run. What are you using to calc your runs?